The God System
6 A Grand Entrance....Or no
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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6 A Grand Entrance....Or no

"How do I leave this white space?" He asked Mary, as he wanted to make an appearance before his believers.

"Just will it, and it will happen, Think of any place in your Dominion you want to exit to, and you will appear there." She said as she watched the people kowtowing before his shrine. She was happy that her father was looked up to.

Able tried it out and saw himself appear in the shrine. There was no white light this time, he just moved from one place to another. 'Maybe this way I can go incognito, a white light would attract a lot of attention. Wait wouldn't the villagers have seen the white light from me moving the house? Maybe they are unable to see it, I will ask Mary when I get back.' He thought to himself as he was walking out of the Shrine.

When he stepped out of the Shrine he prepared to relish in the gasps and awe of the villagers and closed his eyes looking towards the sky trying to appear profound. After one minute of no sounds coming from the villagers Able figured they were shocked into silence and was very content nodding to himself at his great performance.

When he opened his eyes to look at his believers he saw all of them were still kowtowing and not one had even noticed his presence.

Able was about to spit blood! He was dismayed, his grand entrance was only seen by Mary in the God space, and no one else. With a stiff smile on his face Able cleared his throat.

The villagers too busy trying to prove their Faith to their god didn't hear him at all. 'How ironic it is, that they ignore their god, so they can kowtow to him!' Able thought in Dismay.

His self confidence was crushed. It took him some time to regather his confidence before he cleared his throat loudly this time, so that they all could hear it.

With an irritated look on his face the Village chief looked up to see who was disrupting their showing of Faith and said "Who the hell is blaspheming our god?!?". When he looked to the Culprit and saw the person looked identical to the portrait of their God inside the shrine he nearly crapped his pants.

"Ahh I-I'm-I'm Sorry God! I didn't know it was you" The Village chief was unable to control his stuttering. Hearing his words all the villagers stopped Kowtowing and looked up towards the commotion.

Even though he was mildly annoyed, Able waved it off like it was no big deal. Seeing as he was now the center stage he prepared himself for his speech.

"I am The God of Thrill and Adventure. I come here today to strengthen you hopes and uplift your dreams. I will provide you the resources and strength to live out your dreams and create my vision.

I will give you everything required to make this land into a great empire. No longer will you be a petty village that is not even on the maps of the world. You must however live up to my standards, we will resist our enemies, and prove to everyone that my Dominion is powerful, and is not to be messed with!!" Able said as he rattled off words that came to his mind.

"The First thing we must do is create more farmland, so that we can have more inhabitants. We will also need to build walls to prevent any incoming attacks. You all must rest well today, for tomorrow you will toil hard. This empire will be ours! It will be made from our own blood. Our own sweat! And our own tears!" He said as even he was getting excited over his speech.

He knows they were not in a war, and had no enemies, but he felt that these words will still get their blood pumping. When he saw the fervor in the villagers eyes he thought his speech was good enough.

When he finished talking all the villagers cheered at the vision that their God provided. They were no longer going to be wastrel waiting for someone stronger to come wipe them out. They will grow into a Dominion to be feared across the WORLD!

Seeing as how the villagers were cheering Able decided to take his leave and teleported back into the God Space. When the villagers saw him do some kind of magic that they had never even seen before they cheered even louder thinking of how powerful their god was.

The villagers were the happiest they have been in years. They started a party and had a big bonfire going with a pig roasting over it. They were singing as they danced around the fire with smiles of joy on all their faces.


In his God Space Able let out a sight of relief. He though he did good and reinforced the villagers belief that their god was powerful. As he was deep in thought he felt someone hug him from behind.

He turned around and patted Mary's head and said "Lets sleep, tomorrow we have a lot of work to do." He opened the shop and bought a bed, then picked up Mary and put her on the bed.

He laid on the bed and cuddled with Mary as he drifted in to sleep with a smile on his face. This was one of the most exciting days he has had in a long time.


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