The God System
7 General Knowledge
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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7 General Knowledge

When Able woke up he already saw the Village Chief waiting outside the Shrine. He looked at through the screen and saw the Villagers plowing fields, but because some of them didn't have any tools they were only able to help a little bit.

'I should summon some tools for them huh, that way all of them could pitch in.' Able thought as he saw what was going on. Mary was still sleeping on the bed and Able didn't want to wake her up, so he got off quietly and checked his status.


Name: Able

Age: 22

Race: Arch God

Title: God of Thrill and Adventure

Level: 1

Dominions: Delphi Village (Inhabitants: 100)

Faith: 5330 (Generate: 100 Per Day)

Current Relations: None

Abilities: None

Assistants: 1

Subordinates: 0

Strength: 10 Defense: 10

Constitution: 10 Dexterity: 10

Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 10

Charisma: 10 Perception: 10


Looking at the 500 increase in FP Able was confused at how he got that much in one day. Did something happen over night? An achievement? He was confused and decided to ask Mary later.

He looked at his Faith and noticed that because he now had a Shrine he was generating Faith. He was only generating 100 Faith per Day so he assumed that all the Villagers were level 1.

Looking back at the Villagers that were not able to help process the fields much he opened the faith shop and went to the tools tab to see if he could buy some for them to use.

====Faith Shop====


•Wooden Hoe (5 FP)

•Wooden Shovel (5 FP)

•Wooden Pickaxe (10 FP)

•Wooden Axe (10 FP)



The only tools he was able to purchase right now were all wooden and would not be that useful at all, but since he had no other choice he decided to buy 20 hoes 5 shovels and 5 axes. He didn't buy pickaxes, because he didn't know if there was anything to mine nearby, so he decided to ask the Village Chief.

He left the God Space, so he could give the tools to the Village Chief and have him distribute them.

He walked out of the Shrine to talk to the Village Chief, but when the Chief saw him he immediately knelt on the floor. Able was dismayed and said "You may rise" he was not used to this kind of treatment.

He pulled the tools out of his God Space causing the Chief's eyes to widen in surprise, because from his point of view they were pulled out of the air.

Handing the Chief the tools Able asked if he could come back after, so that he could ask him some questions. The Village Chief nodded and hurriedly ran to go call someone to deliver the tools, so he wouldn't make his god wait.

He came back two minutes later with five big men who silently collected the tools and left after bowing to Able.

"Lets go to your house" Able said as he beckoned him to show the way. "It would be my pleasure God." He said as he began leading to way towards his house with sweat on his brow.

When they arrived at his house Able sat down at the table which scared the daylights out of the Chief and it took a while for Able to calm him down before they could talk. The Chief was still fidgeting while sitting across from Able, because he saw it as disrespectful to sit at the same table as his god.

Able asked him to give him an overview of the where he was, what status this village had, how the world worked, what was the currency, and all the other general knowledge required to grow his Dominion into a powerhouse.

After asking all the questions what he got out of the village chief was this. They were currently in the Easter part of a Continent Called Aslan. The whole world was called Gaia which Able already knew thanks to the voice that told him when he was transporting.

The Village was not under a Dominion until Able came. The nearest other Dominion was one ruled by a Goblin and his title was the Goblin God of Greed. His Dominion was called Lucrox and was mainly inhabited by goblins.

The reason that the God didn't try and take over their village was because it was very poor and the Goblin God of Greed thought there was no money in it, so it was a waste of time. This god was also fairly new, and has only been a god for three months.

The nearest Human settlement was a city called Zalfari, and was sieged constantly by Lucrox, and had formed a deep hatred for them.

There was also several other tribes of monsters around, but nothing as big as Lucrox.

The Currency used in this word was each coin was a 100 derivation of the next biggest coin. It went from Copper → Silver → Gold → White Gold → Platinum.

He was also told that Dominions were divided into ranks and a Dominion that was of a Higher Tier could not attack a Lower tier one or the God System would punish them. However, a lower Tier Dominion could attack a higher tier one, and if the higher Tiered dominion won then there would be no punishment.

The ranks of Dominion Were 1 being the Lowest and 100 being the highest. The Tiers were dived into ten, with Tier one being from Rank 1-10 and Tier 10 being Rank 91-100.

The Village Chief did not know about the other powers besides Lucrox, so he could not provide more in depth detail than that.

The last question Able asked was if there was somewhere they could mine nearby. Since their Village was near a mountain, Able assumed they could mine there. The Village Chief explained that their town used to mine in the mountain, but recently and Orc Tribe settled down in the middle of their path to the mine, so they couldn't get there safely. When the villagers tried to go around the Orcs they were still caught in the end and killed by the Orcs, so it was not safe.

Able nodded as he decided to kill the Orc Tribe. He thanked the chief as he left the Chiefs house Telling him to keep up with the farm progress. He also bought some Corn seeds from the Faith Shop under the Food tab at a price of 10 FP per ounce of seeds and got 100 FP worth before he gave it to the Chief.

The Chief thanked him and Able nodded before entering the God Space. When he arrived Mary was already awake, so he decided to talk to her about the condition of his Dominion.


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