The God System
8 Concerns
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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8 Concerns

When entered the space Mary was already awake and waiting for him to come back. "Good morning Mary" Able said as he began to pet her hair.

Mary smiled in bliss and felt a feeling of loss when Able stopped petting her.

"Mary I was wondering, how come yesterday the villagers didn't notice me moving the house? Shouldn't they have noticed the white light?" Able asked as he went to sit on the bed.

Mary climbed up onto the bed and sat on his lap as she answered "The white light that you see is actually a cloaking system that prevents Inhabitants from seeing what is going on. Only other Gods are able to see the white light".

Able nodded his head as that answer made sense. He then began to tell her about his concerns for his Dominion. He first Concern was Lacrox, which was a Dominion that was ruled by a greedy God. The only reason they didn't attack before, was because Delphi was just a poor Village.

However, now that Able will make this into a Dominion what God wouldn't want to take control over it?

"Yes I see the problem, we still have a one month protection on our Dominion though, so he can't attack us just yet. We need to improve our Dominion as fast as possible, or we will be in trouble" Mary said as she thought about the potential problems they could face.

"The Goblin God of Greed would most definitely attack our Dungeon once he finds out this is a Dominion, so as long as we don't alert him we could have more time." Mary said.

Able voiced his agreement and said "I think I should Summon some more work force, and then build a wall to protect our Dominion." He said as he looked at the screen.

"You need to make sure that your Dominion has enough food and housing for its inhabitants, so when you summon more people, you also need to summon houses." Mary explained to him so that he would not cause disaster.

Taking into account her advice Able check his balance before he opened the Faith shop then spent 800 FP on houses making 8 new houses. Each house could only hold a single family of four. Another 200 FP was used on making a wall that surrounded the village. This left him with only 4055 FP.


Name: Able

Age: 22

Race: Arch God

Title: God of Thrill and Adventure

Level: 1

Dominions: Delphi Village (Inhabitants: 100)

Faith: 4055 (Gain 100 Per Day)

Current Relations: None

Abilities: None

Assistants: 1

Subordinates: 0

Strength: 10 Defense: 10

Constitution: 10 Dexterity: 10

Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 10

Charisma: 10 Perception: 10


The wall was only made out of wood because it was very cheap and it would not stop an attack from a few goblins for very long. Looking at the shabby wall Able sighed 'I guess it is just to make the Inhabitants feel safer, even if it will do nothing to protect them.'

He then went to summon Inhabitants and saw under under the Inhabitants tab it had a small list of Inhabitants with the rest locked unlike the Self-Creation option under the assistants tab.



•Humans (25 FP, base cost)

•Halfling (20 FP, base cost)

•Goblins (15 FP, base cost)

•Gnomes (250 FP, base cost)

•Dwarves (250 FP, base cost)



Looking at the list of Inhabitants Able was shocked at how much more Gnomes and Dwarves costed. 'Just because Gnomes are good at tinkering and Dwarves are good blacksmiths makes their base cost 10 times more than a human!' Seeing this made Able wonder just how expensive Dragons, or Titans would be.

Able wanted to save 3500 to use on the dungeon so he had 555 FP to work with for summoning Inhabitants. That immediately got rid of Dwarves and Gnomes because they both took half of his FP right from the start.

After a while of contemplation Able decided to summon 16 humans, 7 halfling, and 1 goblin. This left him with exactly 3500 FP to use for the creation of his dungeon.

After he summoned these Inhabitants he called over the Village Chief and had them begin helping plow the fields. Since the Halflings were not good at working he decided to have them start training by hunting monsters in the Mountain not far from the village.

He wanted to halflings to be scouts for him and tell him if there was any movements from the Orc tribe that was ruling over there. They were all level one, so he told them to only hunt rabbits and goblins if they outnumber them. If they see any other monsters, then they should run.

He let the goblin be a sentry for the village because he didn't think a goblin would be able to help plow fields.

With this all out of the way Able sent them off and decided to work on his dungeon.


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