The God System
9 Dungeon Improvemen
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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9 Dungeon Improvemen

With 3500 FP to use on his dungeon he turned to Mary and said "Where is my Dungeon anyways?" as he had not yet seen it.

Mary went to the map and pointed to a little hill that came off the ground. "The entrance is inside this hill". The hill was outside the village, and was about a mile away, but was still in walking distance.

When Able went to look around the hill he indeed saw a hole on the side of it. He moved his map and selected the Dungeon and a hologram of it appeared before him floating in mid air.

All his dungeon was so far, was the entrance and a single room. Embedded into the floor of the room was a Dungeon Core. The Dungeon Core was a spherical object that was orange and red, like the sun, but pulsed with life every so often like a beating heart. It was in the middle of the room making it the center of attention. Not that there was anything else interesting in the Dungeon.

Able teleported out of his space with Mary before he walked up to the core and tried to pull it out of the ground, but struggled until his arms began to hurt. "Mary how am I supposed to move the Dungeon Core?"

"Papa that isn't going to work, you move it the same way you move houses" she said as she giggled at Able's nonsense.

It wasn't really Able's fault though because the Dungeon Core looked small enough to pick up.

Able went back to the God Space, and opened the Dungeon tab in the Faith Shop.








The First thing he did was select rooms and see what type of room he should get first.



•Empty room (10x10) (500 FP for every 100 square meters)

•Boss room

•Throne Room



Looking at the Rooms Able bought two 100 square meter rooms and one room that was 200 square meters. This left him with 1500 FP to use on monsters and traps to defend the dungeon.

Looking at his dwindling FP Able was dismayed. He turned to Mary and asked "Is there a way to get more FP besides waiting for it to generate every day?" He now could only generate 150 FP per day because of the new inhabitants he summoned, and this was no where near enough.

"You can get FP in three ways:

-By Generating Faith from your followers (The higher The Level the more points)

-By Creating a miracle, or what your followers see as one (You did this earlier by entering the God Space in front of them and made 500 FP)"

Hearing this Able remembered the 500 FP he got overnight, but asking Mary about it slipped his mind and he forgot about it.

"And lastly you can get FP by killing intruders in your dungeon. Again the stronger the intruder, the more FP you receive. However this only works if they are not of the same faith" Mary added that last part as if she knew Able was going to ask about it.

"The intruder doesn't have to be a minion of another god? It could be those Orcs on the mountain?" Able said as a sly grin emerged on his face.

Mary nodded her head "That is allowed".

Able was happy that he could get more FP in an easy way, but immediately became downcast when he realized his believers were not powerful enough to kill any of them. Able pinned his hope on the Halfling Squad wishing them well in their hunting.

He opened the monster tab and looked at what he could summon.



•Goblins (10 FP, Base Cost)

•Gnolls (25 FP, Base Cost)

•Kobolds (20 FP, Base Cost)

•Orcs (50 FP, Base Cost)

•Skeletons (5 FP, Base Cost)

•Golems (100 FP, Base Cost)



He immediately decided to buy three golems because they were the most expensive and had very tough defense. Physical attacks do less damage to them, and most low level adventurers do not have magical attacks.

He then bought one hundred skeletons and placed them in the biggest room. Hoards are very hard to deal with he thought, even if they are weak. Death by a thousand cuts!

He then spent the rest of his money on Gnolls and Orcs and placed them in the original room and two side rooms. There is a cap on the amount of monsters allowed in a certain room depending on its size, so that's why there was multiple types of rooms you could buy.

After he finished making his dungeon have a little defense he thought of an idea and asked Mary if he could use his Dungeon monsters to defend his Dominion.

"Regular Dungeon Monsters are Unable to exit the Dungeon, but if they are a Dungeon Room Boss, or a Subordinate, then they are allowed to leave. Keep in mind that if you take out these high level Monsters its will be easier to capture the Dungeon." Mary informed him.

Able nodded his head while he decided next he was going to try and scout out the Orc Tribe. 'The halflings were already sent there, so they should have found the tribe by now' He guessed.


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