The God System
10 To the Mountains
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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10 To the Mountains

Able teleported as far as he could in the direction of the mountains. The mountains was about a hour and a half walk away from where he teleported to. He could only teleport inside his Dominions, due to this he had the minor inconvenience of walking the rest of the way.

He was fairly Happy though because he got to travel with Mary. He was like a real adventurer. Of course he didn't bring a backpack with supplies, because he could just go back to the village to get some if he needed.

He had a sword at his waist and that was all. He was humming a tune as he casually walked along with Mary following him.

Able turned to look at Mary who was carrying a bag, and asked "Hey Mary why do you need a bag? What are you carrying?".

"I am carrying supplies because you are unable to access the Faith shop, or go into your space while you are outside of your Dominion." She explained while walking across a river careful of her step.

Able stopped walking and tried to open the menu but received an error instead.

|Privilege Restricted|

Able said "Hey Genesis will I eventually be able to use my privilege's when I am outside of my Dominion?" probing to see if this function still worked.

She promptly responded with "You do not have enough FP for the answer to that question".

Able sighed in relief realizing he still had his AI with unlimited knowledge with him at all times, even if he had to pay for the information.


An hour Later they arrived at the foot of the mountains which was a forest, with animal calls coming out from within. The grassland transitioned to a forest and led into the Mountains where the Orcs Lived.

"How do we find the Halflings?" Able asked forgetting this part on the way here. He had not even warned the halflings they were coming on the way here.

"Assistants are able to track all Inhabitants of a Dominion, and Subordinates have the same power as well. Speaking of tracking them, the halflings are heading over here as we speak." Mary said as she was being watchful of their surroundings.

They continued on in the forest and Able began killing stuff he saw so he could Level up and get more Privileges.

"Hey Mary, do I level up my God Level by killing monsters?" He asked because he didn't level up even after killing three rabbits.

Mary shook her head as she explained "No you have to pay FP to level up. Just think the command |Level Up| and it will tell you how much FP are required to level up. However this is only for the first 10 Levels after that you can only level up by Conquering more Dominions".

Able said the Command and received a reply saying

|Not Enough FP|

|1000 FP Required|

Able realized he could have Leveled up right when he got here. He might have even been able to level up twice depending on the price of the second level up. He was furious at himself because this was the second time already that he caused himself to have a loosing edge against his enemies.

Sighing Able continued on the trail as he headed deeper into the mountains. Mary followed him along oblivious to his suffering.

After they traveled deeper into the mountain for about twenty more minutes the halflings emerged from the bushes on the side of the trial. All of their weapons had blood on them and a few of them even had minor injuries.

"Greetings God" They all said as they knelt down.

"You may rise" Able said in a dignified tone. "Give me your report".

"Yes Sir" One of the halflings stepped forward, which Able assumed they appointed as their leader. "The Orc Tribe is in between those two peaks over there" he said as he pointed to some mountains that you could barely see over the top of the trees.

"And all of us have been hunting monsters in this forest and are glad to report four of us are Level 3 two of us are Level 2 and I am Level 4." He said with a hint of pride in his voice.

"Hmm, you did well, lead us to the Orc Tribe. I want to Survey it myself and see if it will be a problem for us to attack it." Able said as he was thinking of a plan.

"Sir, If I may." the halfling said not knowing what would come of it.

Able nodded his consent and let the halfling speak.

"Sir, I Believe that we would not be able to take out the Orc Tribe in a frontal fight. There is over forty Orcs living in that Tribe and I think the Orc Chief is at least Level 8." He explained as he recalled his scouting of the Tribe.

"Hmmm, I would still like to see the Tribe, to find out if we can use any sneaky tactics to wipe them out." Able said as he contemplated.

"As you wish Sir" The lead halfling replied as he began leading the way.


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