The God System
11 Scouting the Orc Tribe
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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11 Scouting the Orc Tribe

Able began following the halflings as they walked through the mountains. There was no trail to go on, so they had to push through bushes, and walk through grass.

Able turned to make sure that Mary could keep up, but when he saw that she was right on his tail he remembered she was Level 16 and was in way better condition than he was.

While thinking about her Level he realized he never asked about what the Level cap is and he turned to Mary and asked her about it.

"I'm not sure what the Max Level is papa, I was not born with any information on that" She said with a disappointed look on her face.

Able comforted her as they kept walking towards the Orc Tribe. On the way there they saw several goblins, but they ran away scared when they saw the size of the group. Goblins are monsters who cower in front of the strong and terrorize the weak.

The halflings led them in a round-a-bout fashion towards the Orc Tribe because they were only going to survey it, and not attack. They decided beforehand to climb up the mountain somewhat so they can view it from above.

It took them several hours to get to the mountain and the sun was beginning to set, so they set up camp for the night. Able was glad that Mary has good foresight and packed a sleeping bag and a tent. Of course she only packed one of each because she assumed she would be sharing with her papa, and Able was fine with that.

They rested for the night, while the halflings took shifts taking watch. They woke up early the next morning with no incidents happening through the night and again began walking towards the mountain.

They arrived at a good spot fairly soon, because they were almost halfway up the mountain when they rested the night before.

When Able looked down the Mountain he could see the Orcs walking about in their tents made of animal hide. There was about forty Orc with a few of them having metal swords they looted from adventurers, however, most of them only had wooden clubs.

The Tribe had only a few lookouts with most of the Tribe being in the hunting party that would leave every day to go gather food. The hunting party was about twenty five Orcs, and there were only about seven Orcs left in the tribe that could fight well including the Orc Chieftain.

Of course, the female Orcs could fight as well, because they are Orcs, but not as good as the Orcs from the hunting party.

The Chieftain was the biggest Orc of the bunch and always had two Orcs who followed him around who the leader halfling guessed were around Level 5.

Able surveyed the terrain to see if he could grasp any advantages from it, but had to admit the Orcs knew how to pick a base.

They were surrounded by Mountains on two sides with very steep cliffs. The other two entrances were narrow enough to be blocked by five Orcs each and could be defended long enough for backup to come assist them.

Able began to formulate a plan of attack on the Orc Tribe, and knew his only chance was to attack when the hunting party left for the day, so they would have to stay at least one more night, if not more. It all depended on how fast they could carry out his plans.

Able called over the halflings and told them his plan and they nodded agreeing that this plan might work. After Able was done instructing them they went into the mountain to gather what they needed to accomplish it.

Able sat down where he was because he was unable to help much being only Level 1, and Mary only wanted to stay with her papa and protect him.

"These Orcs are not to be taken lightly, if this plan fails some of us could die" Able said as he looked at the robust Orcs down the mountain.

Mary agreed "They are a very vicious race, and will kill anyone they see as a potential threat. They are a war loving race, so they will kill you even if you are not a threat". She looked down at the Orcs with a bit of disgust evident in her voice.

"Yeah, but their love of war is also one of their greatest benefits. They will never back down from a fight even if they know they will loose, so they are perfect for defending a dungeon." He said as he was thinking of his Dominion.

Eventually their conversation began to die out and they just sat there in silence enjoying each others company.

After an unknown amount of time the halflings came back with some supplies saying that they had completed their instructions.

Seeing as the hunting party of the Orcs had come back Able told them to rest, and initiate their plan tomorrow once the hunting party left again.


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