The God System
12 Starting the Mission
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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12 Starting the Mission

Able was sitting on the mountain looking at the Orc camp below him. He turned to Mary and asked "Are you ready?". He had a worried look on his face.

Mary was after all the cornerstone of his plan and she would be in the most danger. It Revolved around her, and if she messed up her life could be in danger.

She was Level 16, but she had no abilities, and only had 40 strength, so she would not be able to survive being surrounded by a group of Orcs.

Mary nodded and gripped her fist as she mentally prepared herself.

"Make sure to run at the first sign of Danger". He warned her with worry leaking out of his voice.

"Don't worry papa, I will complete my mission".

Able nodded and said "Just remember the mission is not as important as your life".

They sunk into silence and watched to Orc Camp down the mountain. The Orcs were just getting up for the day and the hunting party was about ready to leave.

When the Orc hunting party finally left the camp Able signaled the halflings, and they walked over towards him. He once again told them the plan to make sure they wouldn't forget then said "Alright lets do this quick and easy, and once we are done I will give all of you guys a reward".

This caused the halflings and Mary to be even more eager to complete their missions.

Able sent them off, and the halflings, bowed before leaving. Mary hugged Able and trotted off down the mountain alongside them.

Able sat on this cliff unable to help because he had terrible attributes, and no abilities. He decided to Level up as fast as he can once this was over, so that he wont have to rely on other people wiping out his enemies for him.

---Mary Pov

'Today was my first mission that I received from papa. I want to make sure I do it right, not just because I get a reward, but because following papa's orders is one of my greatest joys in life.'

'I wonder what reward I can get from papa.'

'I don't want a big reward, just a hug is fine, or maybe even a ki-ki-kiss! No no no no, that is just too embarrassing.' She covered her face with her hands as her cheeks flushed red.

The image of her papa kissing her turned her whole face red. Steam was practically coming out of her face. 'I will just ask for a hug instead' Thinking of asking for a kiss was too much for her and she decided to forfeit before she even asked.

Realizing she stopped walking because she was imagining her reward Mary forced herself to calm down before she again started walking towards the Orc camp. After all she can't receive her reward if she doesn't even complete her mission.

She arrived in front of the Orc Camp a few minutes later and began the plan.

---Halfling Leader Pov

'I don't have a name yet, because it was not given when I was summoned. I have been appointed as the "halfling squad" (as we decided to call ourselves) leader because I was the strongest out of all the halflings. The name of our group makes me lower my head in shame every time I hear it' The halfling leader even lowered his head as he thought about it. It was so embarrassing.

'God said that we would receive a reward for completing this mission. If we get to ask anything of him I hope he can name me and my brothers. I hope he can also give a name to our group because our current name is so shameful.' He thought as he sighed.

'My God is so generous, what other God would reward their minions for listening to his commands?' The generosity of his God won his heart even though he couldn't betray his God even if he wanted to.

'It is so difficult not having names during missions that you wouldn't understand. I have stuck to calling my brothers by number instead, but I don't want to have a serial number as a name.'

The halfling leader walked to the bottom of the mountain and used hand signals to tell the other halflings to head of into their spots, and four of them left in groups of twos, while the remaining two stayed with him.

The halfling leader prepared himself and crouched down in a bush waiting for the mission to start.


Able was sitting on the mountain with an aura of self-mockery surrounding him. He was so useless even though he was a God. 'What kind of God am I? I don't even have and divine powers like I am supposed to.' he sighed.

He was drawing on the floor in the dirt waiting for the plan to start. He did not have to use a signal or everything, because that was Mary's job. So all he had to do was wait until it started, then he could watch how it played out.

While he was drawing in the dirt with a stick he heard Mary scream from down the mountain. Able immediately shot up from the rock he was sitting on and went towards the edge of the mountain and looked down to see what was going on.


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