The God System
13 Eliminating the Orcs 1
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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13 Eliminating the Orcs 1

Hearing Mary's scream Able immediately shot up from the rock he was sitting on and went towards the edge of the mountain and looked down to see what was going on.

Her scream was the signal to start the mission, so he was not worried. He just wanted to rush over to the edge of the mountain, so he would not miss anything that is going on.

Mary screamed to attract the Orc towards her. Hearing the scream the Orcs in the camp began to rustle about. The Chief also exited his tent to see what the commotion was about. He began yelling in the Orc language and gestured his hands causing eight Orcs to grab their weapons and head out of the camp.

Hearing the scream they assumed that whatever it was had already been wounded, so a lot of strength was not needed, hence they only sent eight Orcs to investigate.

Able cursed under his breath when he saw this because the Chief did not leave and neither did the two level five Orcs. He was hoping to get one, or all three of them in their trap, but sadly it didn't work.

'Looks like this might be a tough fight' Able speculated as he saw the happenings in the Orc camp. The Chief re-entered his tent and his two personal guards stood in front of it. The Orc Chief did not care about the scream in the forest, because there are constantly people who die in the forest.

The eight Orcs were not alert to their surroundings as they headed in the direction of the scream. In their opinion they had no reason to be alert there was eight of them going to capture an injured opponent, so why be careful?

The Lead orc grunted and said some words in Orcish and the other Orcs spread and and began to comb the forest for their target. They did not even pull out their weapons and walked through the forest making tons of noise. At this part of the mountain they had no natural predators either, so they had no need to fear.

On the other side of the mountain though there were stronger monsters than them, that could kill Orcs easily.

As the Orcs were searching through the forest one of them yelled and the others immediately went towards the commotion. They arrived to see a little sheep kin girl who was sitting on a rock crying.

The Orcs looked at each other and licked their lips with lust in their eyes. Two of the Orcs immediately charged at her, but the lead Orc followed after and slammed one out of the way and whacked the other one on the head with its club.

The Orc roared and slammed on its chest as it challenged the other Orcs for dibs on the girl. The other Orcs had a glint in their eye, but still conceded to the lead Orc as they knew they couldn't beat him. They would still get a turn anyways, so why get hurt over the first turn.

The Orc grinned at his show of dominance, then turned around and reached his hand out trying to grab the little girl.


Mary arrived at the rock that Able decided was the starting point and sat down on it. She sat there for about ten minutes waiting enough time for the halflings to get ready, then took a deep breath preparing to scream.

She let out a loud scream trying to attract the Orc in the Camp over to her position. She knew this was dangerous because she could also alert the hunting party, but she still wanted to do it because her papa wished the Orcs dead.

She also began to fake cry, which was also part of the plan to make the Orcs less alert when facing her. Thinking of crying in front of Orcs did not make her feel well, but she needed to do it for the mission, so she complied.

She heard the Orc roars in the distance, and knew they were coming to find her. To be honest she was a little nervous, but she still kept her calm.

She heard the rustling of the bushes and saw an Orc appear in the clearing before her. 'Orcs were one of the grossest monsters that exist' Mary thought as she looked at its huge tusks protruding from its lower jaw and its nose that was kind of pushed into its face.

The green skin didn't bother her, because there were a lot of monsters that had green skin. Thinking about her disgust for Orcs she realized it probably originated from the Orc's love of war and slaughter. She knew killing was necessary to grow your kingdom, and protect yourself, but if you kill because you like it? She thought you were disgusting.

When the Orc saw her sitting on the rock crying he grinned as he yelled in Orcish calling the other Orcs over towards her.

When they arrived they all saw her and didn't conceal the lust in their eyes. When she saw the look in their eyes she wanted to throw up. 'No one but papa can look at me like that' She thought as rage began to build up inside her.

She made a promise to herself that none of these Orcs would leave alive, not that they were going to in the first place.

The Orcs began fighting over who got to use her first, and when one of them finally won he wore a grin on his face. He reached out his hand and prepared to grab her.

Seeing as how the time was now right Mary used her [Slumber Trace].


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