The God System
14 Eliminating the Orcs 2
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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14 Eliminating the Orcs 2

The Orc grinned in triumph as he reached out his hand to grasp Mary. The lust in his eyes was evident and was enough to scare any regular child, however it did not scare Mary, it only made her feel disgust.

Watching the Orc try and grasp her Mary figured it was time to start their plan and activated her [Slumber Trace].

As she activated her ability she began to sing a soothing melody. It evoked a mental image of a serene place where water trickled in a river stream. Birds chirped as the flew across the sky playing with each other as they twirled in the air. The place was full of harmony and peace, causing a person to feel like taking a nap in the grass under the bright blue sky.

The Orcs immediately stopped moving when she began singing. They confused looks on their faces as the saw her sing, but slowly their eyelids began to droop one by one. When one of the Orcs finally fell asleep, he slumped to the floor and little sheep could be seen jumping around his head in the air signifying he was put to sleep by [Slumber Trance].

The Orcs could not resist the drowsiness and they all slowly began to fall asleep. When the last Orc slumped to the floor Mary finally stopped singing, and panted in exhaustion. She used a lot of mental energy to use her trait that long.

The halflings that were hiding in the forest slowly emerged from the trees as they began walking around the sleeping Orcs and slitting their throats. The halflings were not affected by [Slumber Trance] because they had stuffed insulation into their ears to block the sound.

After they killed all the Orcs silently they looted the corpses and took their weapons and money. Right now they were very poor and could use all the money they could find.

Mary nodded, then grabbed a sword from one of the halflings and began walking towards the Orc camp. Now they were going to set an ambush at the exit of the mountain pass.

When the Orcs noticed their scouting party has not yet come back they will most likely send out more Orcs to see what the problem is.

They arrived outside the mountain pass and set up at both sides of the pass and waited for their prey to walk into the trap.

This whole time Able was watching the happenings of their mission and was amazed at the efficiency of Mary's talent. It put eight full grown Orcs to sleep in fifteen seconds, what kind of broken ability was this?

He realized they all had to be in its area of affect to work, but it still was a very useful ability. The only downside was that it added an effect of sheep that jumped around the persons head to signify they were put to sleep by her ability.

This limited the uses of her ability by a little bit, but was only significant enough to make it a small demerit.


Mary and the halflings were sitting outside the mountain pass for an hour and a half and no Orcs had come out to check on the searching party.

Mary looked up at the sky and saw it that it was past noon and knew the hunting party would be heading back soon, so she ordered the halflings to come with her and attack the camp before the hunting party came back.

The halflings complied and they began sneaking into the camp to try and take out as many Orcs as possible before they alerted the who camp. There should only be about seven Orcs left in the camp at the moment, so the Orcs had a lot of holes in their defense.

It was still mid-day and they had only a little bit of places to hide without the darkness helping them, so they knew they would be found out soon. And they were right, because once they snuck into the camp and killed only two Orcs they were spotted.

An Orc spotted them and was jumping while shouting as it reached for its weapon. The Chief exited is tent as it had a weapon in hand and its two guards also drew their weapons. Before the Chief could come to assist the lone Orc the halflings already killed it leaving only four Orcs left in the entire camp.

The Orc Chief roared in fury as it saw its brethren killed and slammed its sword into its shield to express its anger. It charged towards the halflings with its two guards on its tail.

Engaging in battle the halflings were immediately on the loosing side, and were being pushed back even though they outnumbered the Orcs. Seeing the Orc Chief man-handling the halflings Mary moved in to switch with them and began to solo the Orc Chief while the halflings split up in groups of three to fight the two elite guardsmen.

The last halfling was the leader halfling who was fighting against the fourth Orc by himself and was actually winning the fight.

And thus the battle against the Orc Chief began.


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