The God System
15 Eliminating the Orcs 3
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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15 Eliminating the Orcs 3

Mary was struggling to deal with the Orc Chief as their swords constantly clashed reverberating the air around them. Mary was having trouble keeping up with the Orc's strength and speed. Almost all her stat points were in Intelligence.

Maybe if they were having a spelling bee Mary could decimate her opponent, but she did not have much fighting strength. Still, she was the best choice to fight against the Orc Chief because she was two times his level.

She just had to hold on long enough for the halflings to kill their opponents, and then they could overwhelm the Orc Chieftain with numbers. Mary already had a few cuts on her body, and she had yet to injure the Orc Chief.

The halfling leader however was doing much better in his fight, and was winning against his opponent. He had already chopped off one of the Orcs arms, and it was only a matter of time before he killed the Orc.

They needed to finish this fast, or they would get caught by the returning hunting party, so they were fighting with all their might.

The rest of the halflings were ganging up on the two elite guardsmen and were in a stalemate with no clear winner on each side. The Orcs however knew that once the halfling leader killed the other Orc the tides would change into the halflings' favor, so they fought with an unending ferocity.


Able was sitting on the mountain watching the fight between his underlings, and had a smile on his face when he saw they would eventually win the battle.

As he was watching the fight in the corner of his eye he caught some movement that attracted his attention. Looking over the smile dropped off his face, the hunting party was on its way back.

The Orc hunting party were carrying deer and were chatting and laughing as they slowly strolled back towards their encampment oblivious to the danger their Chief was in right now.

Able was not happy with this though, because even with their slow movement they would still make it back to the camp in fifteen minutes, and that was not enough time for his underlings to kill the Orc Chief.

Able stood up and shouted down the mountain to warn Mary and the halflings before he set off to go try and do something to help his underlings.


Mary was fighting the Orc Chief and got slashed in the ribs when the Orc Chief parried her sword blow and she yelped in pain. She decided that after this fight she would ask her papa for double the reward as she held in her tears of pain.

While she was fighting the Orc Chief she heard Able yell from the top of the mountain warning of the incoming hunting party. Mary's face immediately paled and she lost focus of her fight causing the Orc Chief to again slash at her.

The pain from her wound caused her to awake from her trance, as she again began fighting against the Orc Chieftain.

At the same time the halfling leader just chopped the head off the fourth Orc and sprinted towards the battle of the elite guardsmen. Once he joined the fight the elite guardsmen instantly began loosing ground as he was surrounded by halflings. Even though he was higher level than all the halflings he was loosing due to numbers.

The halflings would take turn and would attack from two different angles at once causing the Orc to be unable to block both at the same time receiving many injuries. His movements became more sluggish as his wounds slowed him down. The Orc knew it was going to die, so it fought in a frenzy hoping to save as much time as possible for its brothers.

Ten minutes passed of their encirclement of the elite guardsmen Orc before he finally had his heart pierced by the halfling leader. The Orc looked down at his chest and laughed in joy before saying in Orcish "That was a damn good fight" before collapsing to the floor dead. And it was the best fight the Orc ever had in his life! Fighting with their lives on the line was an Orc's greatest joy.

Not knowing what the Orc told them the halflings all swarmed the last elite guardsmen Orc and besieged him from all sides because they had little time to spare, but sadly they were too late as they heard the marching of the hunting party coming from outside the mountain pass.

The hunting party entered the mountain pass and saw their camp had been destroyed with their brethren lying dead on the floor, filling them with rage. They roared as they dropped their prey and unsheathed their weapons.

They charged towards Mary and the halflings hoping to encircle and kill them in the fastest time possible. The Orcs wanted nothing more than to tear them into a thousand pieces.

Rumbling filled the mountain pass as the Orc's charged towards the group of intruders. The sounds of rumbling caused the fighting to cease as they looked towards the charging Orcs, some faces filled with dread, some with joy.


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