The God System
16 Eliminating the Orcs 4
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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16 Eliminating the Orcs 4

The Orcs roared as they charged towards Mary and the halflings. They wanted nothing more than to tear them limb from limb and drink their blood.

Rumbling filled the mountain pass as the Orc's charged towards the group of intruders. The charging Orcs stopped at the sound of the rumbling and turned towards the mountains to see what was going on.

They looked up to see a rock slide coming down the hill straight at them. Chaos ensued in the hunting party, and they all began to push and shove each other as they tried to get out of the way of the falling rocks.

They were stupefied at how a rock slide could occur when there had not been a heavy rainfall anytime recently.

Of course the rock slide was caused by Able who was currently tumbling down the mountain along side the rocks. This all happened because he wanted to come down the mountain to help in the quickest way possible, even if it was not that safe. He had skydived without a parachute, so what was sliding down a mountain!

Mary and the halflings were practically jumping in joy at the timely rescue, oblivious to their god's current predicament. They began to attack their Orcs again with a renewed vigor hoping to finish this up quick and head home.

The tumbling rocks were very devastating and squashed many Orcs in their path on their way down the mountain. The Orcs stood no chance against the rocks and their numbers were decimated by them.

All the while this was happening the halflings finally managed to kill off the second elite guardsman Orc. They swarmed him with numbers and he was taken care of much easier than the last elite guardsman.

Finishing their battle the halflings were gasping for breath, but they knew they needed to help out Mary so they did not have any time to rest. The Orc chief saw this happening and disengaged Mary as he sprinted towards the Orc hunting party hoping that there were some survivors that could help him.

Mary and the halflings instantly gave chase not wanting him to be able to escape. The rock slide had settled down by this time and the Rocks stopped moving leading massive rocks sitting in the pathway of the mountain pass blocking them from exiting.

One would have to climb over rocks to exit the mountain and the Orc knew he would be unable to do it fast enough, so he back himself up to a rock so he would not get surrounded and prepared to fight the halflings.

The Orc Chief had a shield in one hand and a sword in the other as he parried and block the incoming halflings attacks. The halflings were unrelenting, and like a rhythm they constantly attacking him leaving him no room to counter attack.

The Orc chieftain was only delaying the inevitable with his pointless suffering.

The Orc Chief was getting closer and closer to death as his stamina was beginning to fall. He was just one Orc, he couldn't deal with seven halflings and a beast kin.

Every once in a while an injured Orc would come out of the rock slide with a broken arm, or severely injured and some of the halflings would break off to deal with it, then come back and attack some more.

These little reprieves helped keep the Orc chief going. The most recent time this happened was when two Orcs came out at the same time, and the chief finally saw its opportunity. When four of the halflings left to deal with them he attacked in a frenzy.

Unsuspecting of the sudden increase in attack two of the halflings were injured causing them to be unable to fight. The Orc Chief was again winning the fight. The Orc roared in glee as he prepared to stab at the fallen halflings, but his smile froze as a sword was stabbed through the back of his head.

Looking towards the back of the Orc Chief Mary saw Able who was standing on the rock behind the Orc Chief with a grin on his face "Did ya miss me?".

The two halflings that were injured on the floor nearly cried tears of joy. They were saved by their god. Able standing there on that rock with a sword in hand and the sunlight at his back looked like a god of war to them.

Their fanatical minds clearly forgot to process that fact that he was all bruised and dirty from his fall down the mountain.

Mary ran towards Able like a cannonball and jumped into his chest forgetting her injuries. Able winced as he too had injuries from tumbling down the mountain. He hugged Mary to his chest as he comforted her. She after all still acted like a 9 year old, so she was scared while fighting even if she didn't show it. Now that her papa had come she could be comforted.

Able nodded towards all the halflings as he said "Well this is our first Victory in the name of The God of Thrill and Adventure, and it was a *cough* glorious one" Able said as even he cringed at his words. The halflings though didn't seem to notice as they cheered.

"Search through the rubble for any remaining Orcs, then lets rest well tonight and head back tomorrow and tell the village of our Victory!" Able said as he raised his sword. 'Acting all powerful is embarrassing' Able thought to himself.

The halflings cheered, then went about their business. They cleared out the rubble and then set up camp. Once they hid their sleeping bags they instantly fell asleep. Able decided a night watch wasn't needed and he also went to sleep as he was tired as well.

Mary was already asleep in his arms and he carried her to his tent and put her in the sleeping bag as he got in with her and slowly drifted to sleep.


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