The God System
17 Coming Home Triumphan
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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17 Coming Home Triumphan

After the long an exhausting battle yesterday they all had smiles on their faces as they arrived at the village walls. The goblin seeing them coming towards the village opened the gate and let them in as he went to get the village chief.

The villagers all began to pour out of the village to greet the returning warriors. They all stopped working on the farms just to come welcome them home.

Able waved his hand to gather the attention of the crowd before he spoke. "We have eliminated the orcs who were terrorizing the mountains and our side of the mountain is now safe for travel."

The Villagers began to cheer because the Orcs caused their village that once had stable income to fall into the depravity that they were in today. They have wished the Orcs dead for a long time, and they finally got what was coming to them. Piety filled their hearts as their God had succeeded in carrying out their greatest wish.

|Miracle Created Rewarded 1500 FP|

Able did not expect that killing the Orcs would lead to him getting so much FP, so happily smiled alongside the villagers.

Calming himself down he continued "I will send people over to the iron mine, so they can get iron for our village. However first you need to send some people over to clear out rocks on the pathway due to a rock slide that happened." Able designated tasks for the villagers. "Is there any questions?".

The village chief stepped forward and asked "Sir, the seeds you have given us have all been planted, what do you want us to do with the farms now?".

Able thought before replying "Just grow those plants like normal, and have people pick weeds, to prevent them from killing the plants. You need not do anything unusual". The village Chief nodded in reply.

"Now time for the rewards, for accomplishing the mission!" Able said as the halflings became excited. He turned to them and asked "Now what is it that you desire, If it is within my power I will accomplish it".

The halfling leader looked at his brothers before turning to Able and saying "Sir, What we want most is names for ourselves, and a name for our group of brothers." He added the last part on himself because he thought their previous name was too embarrassing.

Able was stunned at the simple request and nodded his head as he sunk into thought.

"Okay I have decided on your names. The halfling leader Will be called Alpha". He said.

"Thank you sir" He replied with sincerity.

He went down the line to the next two strongest and said to them "You two will be Beta and Gamma" they also accepted with happiness. "You two will be Delta and Epsilon, and the two twins will be Zeta and Theta. How do you like your names?" he asked because he had just used Greek Alphabet to name them.

"Thank you lord, We will serve you until death. You have fulfilled our greatest wish" Alpha said as he knelt on the ground. The other six soon followed after him.

"Enough of that, stand up" Able said as he was relieved at their response.

"Now for the name of your group..." Able was really having trouble with this one because he had no idea what to call them. He wanted to use a name that had all their features in common and that was their height. 'The 50% gang?, no that's stupid. The Half Heights? No that is lame as well' finally Able gave up and decided to use an acronym.

"You guys will be called BAHT. It stands for Below Average Height Team" He said as he tested their response.

The halflings faces were filled with more joy than when they received their original name. Able was surprised at their enthusiasm, little did he know that halflings take pride in their height, so naming them after it was considered an honor for them.

Able nodded and turned to Mary and asked "Now what would you like as a reward?". Hearing this Mary's face turned bright red as she covered her face with her hands and entered the God Space. She was to embarrassed to ask for her reward in front of the whole village!

Able saw her face turn red, but was not aware as to why she was embarrassed. 'Does she have stage fright?' he wondered as he watched her enter the God Space.

He turned towards the villagers before he sent them off to do work, and told the halflings to rest for a while before following Mary into the God Space.

He entered and saw her laying on the bed with her face buried in her pillow. "Mary are you alright? You never told me what your reward was, why did you run off?" Able set as he patted her hair.

Mary sat up and threw the pillow at his shouting "BAKA" her face still red in embarrassment. Able caught the pillow and asked again "So what do you want for your reward? Now we are alone you have no need to be embarrassed right?" He said.

Mary became shy at this and said in a weak voice "I want a hug" her head was faced down to hide the embarrassment on her face.

"A hug?" Able was again stunned at the simplicity of the rewards he was asked for and said with a smile on his face "Ask me any time for a hug there is no need to wait until I reward you". Able walked forward and picked Mary up and held her in an embrace as he got an idea of her feelings towards him and he was deciding on how to accept them.


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