The God System
18 The Talk
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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18 The Talk

Able had time to think over Mary's feelings throughout the night and decided to confront her about them.

He grabbed Mary's shoulders and gently shook her awake. "Mary we need to talk".

Mary nodded as she sat up and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She sat on her knees with her feet spread out to the sides and looked at Able waiting for him to start talking. She yawned as she was still tired, but made no complaint.

"Listen...About your feelings towards me" hearing just these words made Mary anxious and embarrassed at the same time.

"I don't know if I will accept them anytime soon, I will have to wait until you have reached your Maturation period where your body will catch up to your age. However in order for you to make your relationship with me progress forward you are going to have to stop calling me papa". He never saw her as a woman, and only thought she was a cute beast kin, but now that he noticed that she was indeed a charming young lady.

Mary almost cried at his words, but after thinking about them for a while, she clenched her fist as determination filled her face. "So what am I supposed to call you now?"

"You can call me as you like whether it be Able, or Master. I don't care" He said in reply.

"Yes, Master"

Able hugged her before he got up and smiled "Well now that this is over lets check out our progress". He wanted to quickly move over this subject as it was kind of awkward.

Able looked at Mary's stats and saw that she had leveled up one time reaching Level 17. He no longer placed his underlings ability points and gave them permission to do it themselves. He only placed them himself when he created new underlings. He knew they were smart enough to choose a path that worked for them.

He noticed to other changes to her stats other than her Level, so he closed her page and opened the halflings.

Looking at the halflings a smile grew on his face because of their increase in Levels. They were after all facing higher Level enemies, so an increase in levels was expected.

Alpha had Leveled up four times to reach Level 8, but he had not yet gotten an ability for himself, but there was something new under the Trait tab.


Name: Alpha

Age: 34

Race: Halfling

Title: None

Level: 8

Trait: [Mithril Raindrop Formation]

Abilities: None

Items: None

Str: 60 Def: 30

Con: 10 Dex: 100

Int: 20 Wis: 0

Cha: 0 Per: 40


Able was curious as to what this Trait did, so he was going to ask Alpha once he was done checking the others stats. Beta and Gamma both became Level 7 and Delta and Epsilon were following behind and Level 6. The twins Zeta and Theta leveled up the most becoming Level 6 along with the rest.

What confused Able the most was that all the halflings had the same Trait. However since there was formation in the name he assumed that they would be required to work together to activate their ability.

He asked Mary if the same races always get the exact same trait and she said the awakening of the trait was dependent on the environment, but they would in general be in roughly the same category of attack type.

For example if there were two goblins one would not awaken a claw attack while the other gets a fire breath attack. Most likely one would get a claw attack while the other would get a bite attack, as they are of the same nature.

Able summoned the halflings after checking their stats so they could demonstrate their ability. When the halflings arrived they complied and went into a formation with all of them surrounding a test dummy Able prepared.

It was made of Iron and he spent a few FP points to get it just for this test. The halflings began to move in a counter clockwise way as they attacked in turns against the dummy target. Eventually their attacks began to come so frequently their fists sounded like rain during a thunderstorm with no reprieve in between attacks.

After two minutes of attacking, the test dummy was broken into pieces and you could still see dent marks from their fists on the iron. Able was shocked at the power of this formation and assumed it also increase the attack damage of the halflings along with their defense.

Able asked Alpha for the specifics of the Talent and he said it was only usable if all seven halflings were there, and would not work if one of them was missing. He said technically you could add more people to the formation, but that would be near impossible as they only got this Talent due to their teamwork during the Orc fight, so there was most likely none other like it.

Able waved them off as he was done looking at their stats and decided it was finally time for him to Level up now that he had enough FP. He recently acquired quite a bit and now had about 2200 FP.


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