The God System
19 Level 2 God
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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19 Level 2 God

Able spent the required FP to Level up and received a few messages.

|Level Up|

|Dungeon Floors Unlocked|

|Abilities Unlocked|

'Finally I level up!' He cheered to himself as he began to check his stats. He looked at his attributes and was shocked to notice that he had 50 available attributes to use. He put fourty into strength and ten into dexterity.


Name: Able

Age: 22

Race: Arch God

Title: God of Thrill and Adventure

Level: 2

Dominions: Delphi Village (Inhabitants: 112)

Faith: 1242 (Gain 128 Per Day)

Traits: None

Abilities: None

Assistants: 1

Subordinates: 0

Str: 50 Def: 10

Con: 10 Dex: 20

Int: 10 Wis: 10

Cha: 10 Per: 10


Able was happy with his stats, at Level two he could already have solo killed that Orc if he had the current stats now. 'Gods are over powered huh' he thought to himself as he looked at the stats for a Level 2 God.

He went to check out the new tabs he unlocked from his level up. The dungeon floor one was not as helpful to him right now because no one had even been in his dungeon left, so he didn't waste any FP on that.

Looking at the Abilities his eyes lit up. He went to the Abilities and saw he only had Active abilities unlocked. Able was still satisfied with this because he can finally get some more power.

He scrolled through the Abilities and saw the cheapest one was [slash] at 100 FP with the most expensive having a long trail of zeros.

Mary saw him looking through the abilities and said to the side "If you have enough FP you should buy [Gate], or [Inventory]" she advised because these two were some of the most useful abilities that were available for purchase.

Able looked through the abilities and saw that [Gate] was 10 million while [Inventory] was 10,000. Able looked at her and said "Now why would you assume I have 10,000 FP just lying around?".

"If you can not afford them then buy the rip off of [Gate], [Perish Passage] which allows you to place a teleport point, but it will expire in one day." she said while giving him a look as she felt hurt because she was not able to tell how much FP he had.

Able looked for [Perish Passage] and saw that it was 1000 FP, so he reluctantly bought it trusting Mary's opinion. He now had only about 200 FP left and decided to summon as much inhabitants as he could, so they could produce more FP.

While he was at it he turned to Mary and asked "Does the amount of people I perform the Miracle for affect how much FP I get from It?".

"Yes that affects how many FP you get as well as the size of the Miracle. So try and create the biggest miracles you can for the most people to get FP" Mary replied.

"Hey Mary I still have 80 FP left do you want me to buy you anything?" he turned to her and asked because he had not given her anything except a hug since he created her.

Mary thought for a bit before replying "I heard you talk to Alpha about this Lollipop thing from your old world. Would I be able to have on of those?" Mary asked while tilting her head.

"Sure!" he said feeling somewhat dirty about giving her a lollipop.

He bought a cherry flavored lollipop before unwrapping it and handing it to her. "All you have to do is lick it. Or if you get tired of licking on it you could just bite it, and then you will eat it faster." he explained a the lollipop to her as she had never had one before.

Mary took the lollipop from him and slowly stuck her tongue out as she looked at him out of the corner of her eye like she was trying to tell if he was tricking her.

When her tongue touched the lollipop joy flashed across her face and she instantly put it in her mouth as she relished the taste. "Twith ish so gud mashter, fank yew" (This is so good master, thank you) She said with the lollipop in her mouth not wanting to take it out.

Able smiled as he said "No problem, It was only 2 FP". Mary heard this and her face reddened in excitement as the thought of having an infinite amount of lollipops filled her mind.

Seeing her face like that Able felt that he did something he shouldn't have. And he was right, because now after this day Mary would ask for lollipops all the time, and never went anywhere without at least two backups in her bag.


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