The God System
20 Two Weeks Pas
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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20 Two Weeks Pas

Two weeks had passed since the Orc incident and Able now had over one thousand inhabitants in his dominion, so he was generating quite a bit of FP now. He wanted to summon more inhabitants, but was told by Mary that they would not generate FP because his shrine was Level 1 and was only able to gather faith from 1000 inhabitants. It costed 5,000 FP to upgrade his shrine, so he decided to stop summoning inhabitants.

Over the two weeks Able had to spend some FP to expand the village making more housing, and summon more inhabitants making this no longer Delphi village, but the Town of Delphi. He also spent some FP to build a wall surrounding the Town with each side being one kilometer in length. The walls were well made, being one meter thick stone walls that were easily defensible .

It costed him a lot, but he thought it was worth it to improve his dominion. He also purchased some new abilities for his subordinates to help them on their missions.

To Level up to a Level 3 God it would cost him 10,000 FP, so he was trying to save up his FP to buy that next.

During the two weeks adventurers came to the Town on their way to the mountains, but when they heard there was a dungeon they went to check it out. The adventurers only looked inside, but didn't enter before they left from where they returned to report it to their superiors at the adventurer guild in Zalfari.

However, it takes a week to travel to this town by wagon, so it will be a while before more adventurers come to dive into the dungeon. Adventurers go into dungeons look for loot, and hunt monsters for money. Even though they can't capture dungeons, one of the higher powers has placed bounties on any dungeon core you destroy enticing many Adventurers to go into the dangerous dungeons.

With pressure coming from the adventurers Able used to floor function to make three floors putting the dungeon core on the lowest one. He did not have enough money for a dungeon boss, so he just placed more monsters inside. He placed more Orcs, golems, Gnolls, and Skeletons and separated the monsters by type on different floors with the Golems and skeletons on the same floor to cover each others weaknesses.


Able sat on a couch looking at his FP and sighed as he only had about 4000. He would need to wait six days at the latest to be able to Level up. All these dangers were coming in faster and faster and he needed to grow stronger as quick as possible.

Mary, as if sensing his troubles sat next his and hugged him. Able smiled as he patted her head cheering up a little bit.

"Master, BAHT has reached Lucrox and are beginning to dive into the dungeon as we speak" she said informing him of the teams progress. Able smiled as he finally heard some good news.

"How long do you think it will take them to scout out the floors?" he asked.

"Let me ask them" she said as she covered her ear and began talking, as if to the air. "Alpha do you have a guess as to how long it will take you to reach the bottom floor?". This was one of the new abilities Able got for his Underlings called [Call] that was quite a bargain at only 500 FP.

"We already reached the second floor and it has only been an hour, so it should not take us more than a week to find the boss at least". Able did some information gathering through BAHT and found that the Goblin King of Greed was only Level 4, and you can only have one boss monster in your dungeon until Level 5. He had to pay some FP to ask Genesis this question.

Listening to Alpha through her ability Mary finally turned to Able and said "It wont take more than a week, at the most" relaying Alpha's message.

Able sunk into thought as he was deciding whether or not to send some of his minions to Zalfari to go see the situation there as well. Thinking over it Able decided to go there himself because he was bored sitting around in his God Space all day.

The reason he didn't go to Lucrox himself was because he had to take care of things here first, but now that he had settled things he decided to go to Zalfari. He also had [Perish Passage] that would allow him to set a single teleport a day with it expiring in a day. The only downsides were that you can only have one teleport point active at a time, so if you set another one the previous one would no longer work, and the teleport point was only able to send him back into the God space.

So he was unable to transport from Lucrox to Zalfari, only from Zalfari to his God Space.

Able turned to Mary and said "Can you get the horses ready for us to travel to Zalfari, and no need to prepare any food or anything, lets just take a bag for cover. I will teleport us back here every day, so we will sleep here" Able ordered her.

Mary complied and got the items ready for their trip, happy they were going on a trip together again.


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