The God System
21 Egotistic Merchan
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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21 Egotistic Merchan

Able and Mary were leisurely riding along the road atop their horses on their way towards Zalfari. The sun was up, and it was around mid day.

"Mary do you have an idea what the situation there is going to be like?"

"Sorry Master I was only born with knowledge of dominions" She shook her head.

"What about you Genesis?"

"It will cost you 1000 FP to answer that question God" she replied.

Able instantly decided that he was going to find the situation out himself. He didn't need someone else to tell him what it was going to be like.

A while later they saw a caravan on the road in the distance. As they got closer they noticed it was a merchant caravan.

The caravan was five wagons long, and had about twenty guards protecting it. They all looked like they had been through battle before, and were quite strong.

"Genesis what are their Levels? You don't need to ask me about the FP cost unless it is over 500 from now on" He told her.

"Yes god, The highest Level guard is only Level 9 and the Lowest is Level 4" She informed him.

Able was shocked. This group of guards could level his city if they wanted to. They would only be able to hold them off for a little before they eventually won the fight.

As they got closer to the caravan the guards made their presence clear, but did not pay too much attention to them.

While thinking of something Able called out to one of the guards "Are you going to Delphi?" he was curious because the only destination on this path was Delphi.

One of the guards turned to him and said "Yea, you been dere 'fore? How's it lookin?"

"The Town is great now. They had expanded a lot recently because they had just become a dominion under a god, so their future is looking good" Able replied. Mary stood silently besides him not saying anything.

A voiced reached out from the wagon "Oh? A god? Have you seen the god yet? You believe everything you hear now don't you?" the voice mocked.

The caravan came to a halt at the voices orders as a guard came around to bring a set of stairs to help the man get down from the wagon.

Once he set the stairs down a obese man slowly wobbled out of the wagon. He was easily over four hundred pounds, and wore nice fine silk cloths that accentuated his wealth.

Able unconsciously said "Fat" with wide eyes, and the man before him heard this and became enraged.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN FAT! I will have you know this is peak male form! This here is the ideal male body type! I get constant women fawning over me! Look the little girl next to you has her eyes wide open just looking at me!" He yelled at Able.

Little did the man know that the women threw themselves on him because of his money and not his looks while Mary's eyes were open from surprise. Who wouldn't be surprised at someone yelling at a God, however anger slowly began to creep into her eyes. The merchant was after all yelling at the man that she claimed!

As if sensing her anger Able patted her on the head to calm her down which worked quite well.

The Merchant kept talking "I am part of the great Cavendish Trading company that transports goods to eight different dominions, and you think that I am fat?"

Hearing this Able's eyes brightened "Can you tell me about those dominions?" He asked wanted to gather information on his destined enemies.

The merchants face became red in embarrassment hearing this question. He couldn't answer it! He was only a low ranking member of the Merchant company and only joined a month ago. He was also not very competent in business and only got in because he was a young master from a well off family.

"I-erm-you-I-uh-That-That's classified information" the Merchant stuttered trying to think of a response.

Able looked at him and connected the dots. He sighed and figured he would really have to gather information himself as he bid the Merchant farewell.

Him and Mary again set of towards Zalfari as Mary asked "Master why did you let him live when he disrespected you like that?"

Able shook his head and sighed "Mary their fighting force is way stronger than ours, and we don't need to kill someone for yelling at me. We are not strong enough to enforce rules like that".

Mary only heard the last set of words and her desire for power grew. 'So If I want to punish people who disrespect my master I need power'. Mary looked up at Able and nodded as she changed a little in that moment.


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