The God System
22 Zalfari
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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22 Zalfari

Able and Mary were standing in line at the gates of Zalfari waiting to get it. There was a check that everyone had to go through, making sure you were no one bad.

When they arrived at the gate the guard said, "Let me see your registration, and your purpose of coming to Zalfari" He said as he held out his hand, boredom evident in his eyes. He has been doing the same think for four hours already, and couldn't wait for his shift to be over.

"I don't have any registration, and my reason for coming is for sightseeing" Able said with a stiff smile.

"If you don't have registration it will cost you 2 silvers each to get one" He said in reply. "Go over to the registry office right over there he pointed towards a building not far into the City.

Able nodded and walked there with Mary and got his registration done. One it was completed he payed the guard the entrance fee into the town and began to go look around the town with Mary.

As they were walking their eyes wandered over the many merchant stalls and shops all around the street in amazement.

Mary saw someone who was selling cabbage and her eyes lit up. She tugged Able's sleeve and pointed towards the cabbage. "You want some cabbage?" He said as most kids don't like to eat their greens.

Mary nodded in excitement while looking at it. Able then remembered she was a sheep beast kin, so he no longer thought it was weird. He bought the cabbage and they kept walking as Able was not fond of eating cabbage by itself.

As they were walking they turned a corner and Mary who was too busy eating her cabbage ran into someone and fell on the floor. Luckily however, she saved her cabbage and it did not fall on the floor.

The man she ran into had nice wealthy clothes with extravagant colors trying to show off his wealth. He had to guards tailing him for protection and had a furious expression on his face.

"YOU FILTHY ANIMAL! YOU DIRTIED MY CLOTHES" He roared in fury as a small leaf of cabbage had stuck to his clothes. "DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THESE ARE? ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THEM?" He roared.

Mary got up with a little anger on her face, but politely apologized "Sorry sir, I will compensate you. How much is your shirt?" She did not think that it was that expensive, so she was expecting to pay twenty silver max.

"This cost me five gold coins! Now pay up!" He said in a smug tone. Able's eyes widened as he heard their conversation. Them crashing into each other was Mary's fault, however this was a blatant rip off! There was no way his shirt cost five gold coins!

"There is no way that we are paying that much for a leaf of cabbage that stuck to your shirt!" Able said in irritation. "Mary lets go" He said as he pulled Mary by the hand away from the man.

"How dare you walk away from me without paying compensation! If you do not have enough money I will begrudgingly accept that Beast Kin girl as a slave!" He shouted at them. "Guards capture that sheep beast kin!" he ordered.

Able was now royally pissed off! He turned around and slammed his fist into the mans face. "Who do you think you are ordering you guards to capture MY assistant!" He said and he overlooked the man on the ground.

The man now had a busted lip and had tears coming out of his eyes. He looked up at Able with fear in his eyes as he shivered. He guards stood at the side not doing anything because they felt Able was stronger than them. They just watched as their Employer was beat up.

Seeing as how the man said nothing Able nodded then again grabbed Mary's hand and walked away. This time no one tried to stop him. The spectators on the street also made a path for Able as they watched him walk past.

Able turned to Mary and asked "Are you alright?" Mary nodded as she looked at Able with love. He was her knight in shining armor right now! She wanted nothing more than to hug him, but she knew her feeling would not me reciprocated right now.

She was suddenly downcast as she thought about this. 'sigh, I still need to wait three more months for my maturation period.' she though.

Able squeezed Mary's hand thinking that she was affected by the incident trying to cheer her up. Mary smiled at this and Able was content. "Well lets go to the Adventurer's guild, and they lets check out the Library and read up about this world." He explained his plans as they began walking towards the adventurers guild.


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