The God System
23 Adventurers ID
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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23 Adventurers ID

Able and Mary quickly forgot about the incident with the rich snob and walked until they found the adventurers guild. It was not hard to find because of the sign on it with a shield that had two swords crossed in front of it.

They walked into the guild and saw it was very much like a tavern and had a bar that sold beer and food to the guests. There were only a little bit of people inside right now drinking and Able assumed it was because they were all out on missions given by the guild. This was their job after all.

Able walked up to the receptionist and went to get verified as an adventurer. This way it would be much easier to travel around places, as they would have an excuse.

"If you want to get verified as an adventurer it will cost you five silvers for each. This guild is only able to give you up to D-Rank Verification" She smiled as she explained.

"What are the Ranks and how are they given?" Able asked.

"The Ranks are Divided into increments of 20 by your Levels, so F-Rank would be Levels 1-20 and A-Rank is Levels 80-100." The receptionist politely explained.

"Is there not an S-Rank?" Able asked because in most light novels there is an S-Rank.

With a troubled look on her face the receptionist replied "There is, but I am not sure how one gets it. However I know that S-Rank adventurers are stronger than Level 100."

Able had a shocked look on his face because he assumed that Level 100 was the max. "Well then lets go get our Verification, both of us are only F-Rank adventurers it seems" Able said to the receptionist.

He did not have to take a test or anything because he was only getting an F-Rank verification, so there was no need.

The receptionist politely bowed, then left into the back to go prepare their Adventurer ID. As they were waiting they heard a chatter as the doors of the adventurer guild were thrown open.

"HaHaHa, we have completed the D-Rank mission of subjugating the Minotaur!!" A man in armor said cockily.

"Yeah boss, that cow was not even that hard to kill. I don't see why It should be a D-Rank mission."

"Yeah! Boss was able to kill it in three hits! It didn't stand a chance" His lackeys said buttering him up.

The man in armor grinned and said "I think I should be upgraded to D-Rank already! I don't see why I need to wait until I am Level 20. I am already stronger than that!" He said as they walked up to the receptionist desk to claim their reward.

They were acting high and mighty even though the Minotaur they killed was weak due to illness! The boss of the group was only Level 10 while his lackeys were around Level 6! There was no way they could Kill a Level 25 Minotaur at their Level!

The trio walked to one of the other receptionists and handed in one of the Minotaur horns. The receptionist bowed as she left to go get their money.

At the same time Able's receptionist came back and handed them their IDs. Looking at them all it had was a picture of their face and their name on it. However once he touched it, the card began to glow as His Level appeared on the card.

Able looked down at his card in amazement with this, no one would be able to Rank up when they were not the right level! The card only showed your Level, and nothing else due to privacy reasons.

The trio saw him receive his ID and snuck a peak at their cards. When they saw Able's card the leader began laughing as he taunted Able. "A weak little Level 2 already wants to try and save the world? HAHAHA! You want to be a hero, and try and impress a girl?"

Hearing this Able and Mary were irritated! What did it matter that he was only Level 2? Even if he was, Able could most likely give this man a run for his money!

The receptionist scrunched up her face as she was also angry. These were after all her people! "Derick could you please refrain from taunting new Guild recruits. It ruins our reputation" She said as she looked at him trying to hide her disgust.

"Aww don't be that way Olivia. You know I was only messing around. How about I help them train for a bit to show i'm sorry." Derick said as he looked at Able with malice.

Bullying new recruits was one of his favorite things to do other than go to the brothel with the money he gained from adventuring.

Derick smiled at Able and said "What do you say bud? Want me to give you some tips?" Olivia was signaling Able with her eyes not to accept, but she couldn't force him to do anything.


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