The God System
24 Training Field Battle
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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24 Training Field Battle

Able showed him the whites of his eyes "I don't think there is anything you could teach me." He said, as he was once the number one swords master back on Earth. He knew, however that his skills were meager compared to the top of this world, but compared to this slob? He had a thousand times more skill with a sword.

Derick was incensed "What do you mean I can't teach you! Don't disrespect your elders kid!" he roared. How dare that kid talk back to me! I am a level 10 he should feel honored talking to me being only a lowly Level 2!

"Yes, I can't learn anything from you, so why should I accept?" Able said with a smile.

"Of course it's because I told you to!" Derick shouted.

"I have no reason to accept. If you give me some incentive I might begrudgingly accept." Able said as if he was doing Derick a huge favor.

"Alright lets make a bet then! Lets bet 10 gold coins!" Derick said betting all of his saving as he was blinded by anger.

"Oh? I guess this is acceptable" Able said hiding his smirk.

Derick turned to his lackeys and snickered thinking of how he would easily earn 10 gold coins. "Olivia would you referee our match?" Derick turned to Olivia.

Olivia turned to Able and seeing that he nodded she sighed "It would be my honor". She put her hand out and began leading them towards the training field.


Derick and Able were facing each other on the training field about fifty meters apart. The training field was built like a roman coliseum, only smaller. Mary was sitting in the stands with Olivia and the two lackeys as they prepared to watch the fight.

Derick looked at Able as he taunted "You look so poor that i'm afraid you won't be able to pay off your debt. I will take that sheep beast kin as collateral, so don't worry" He said with malice.

Able was again pissed off! 'Why do all the people in this city want to take Mary from me?' he thought in anger.

Able pulled out his sword and slightly bent his waist as he prepared to fight Derick. Derick was a big man that had a scraggly beard and a scar on his chin. Looking at him you could tell he has been through a number of fights, but his standing position clearly explained his lack of training.

Able smirked looking at this and said nothing to his taunts. Olivia then began chanting, and once she was done she said "When this fireball blows up You may start!". She threw the fireball above the arena as she finished talking.

The fireball exploded in the air at the same time Derick sprinted into motion. Able on the other hand stood where he was, and made no movements. Able turned his head towards Olivia and asked "Is there any consequences for killing people here?" he asked.

"You are not allowed to kill on the training field, however anything short of death is fine" She replied.

Derick heard his question and was angered "Who do you think you are boy! I was originally just going to beat you black and blue, but now I'm going to have you leave behind a few limbs!" He roared.

Able did not respond to him, and just stood there waiting for him to attack. And Derick did just that, he slashed straight towards Able's waist hoping to knock him off balance at least if not bisecting him. He had a healing potion, so he would be able to save Able's life, but he would live without legs.

Able saw this and made an elegant move with his sword as it traced the edge of Derick's sword moving it off course and away from his body. Although this looked easy it took a lot of strength, and he was only able to do this now, because he was not to far behind on strength compared to Derick. He was not able to fight like this with the Orcs because they were way stronger than him.

As he was fighting he heard in his head

|The ability [Counter] has been Acquired|

Able was stunned. He could also learn abilities from fighting? Thinking back on it, it made sense because other residents of this world also need to get skills. As he was thinking of this Derick was confused at how his attack was blocked so easily.

Thinking he messed up his attack Derick turned towards Able activating an ability as he yelled SLASH! His sword had a red glow following it as he attacked Able. Seeing this Able again countered his attack, but this time he followed up with his sword.

"It looks like this match is over" Able said to Olivia as he sheathed his sword.

Derick was angry! "The match just started what do you mean its over?! Who said you can just end it whenever you want? Was it because you knew you would loose?" He yelled.

Able sighed and shook his head as he turned to Derick while tapping his neck. Derick was confused before he brought his hand to his neck and felt a cool sensation there. Looking at his hand he was shocked in horror. There was blood covering his hand.

Thinking back on the question Able asked Olivia his legs began to shake in terror. Thinking of the consequences that would happen if killing was allowed made Derick's face pale.

"Able is the winner of today's training match!" Olivia yelled with joy in her voice.

After getting the money from Derick Able stepped down from the Training field as he walked back into the adventurers guild with Mary following along with him. He never looked back, as he didn't care of what would happen after.


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