The God System
25 Library
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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25 Library

The battle with Derick had no affect on Able, and he soon forgot about it as he went along with his day. It was just business to him, you don't remember all the people you sell apples to do you?

Him and Mary were now in front of the Library and wanted to look for information on this world, to help them understand more of it.

They walked up to the doors, and when they walked in they were greeted by a short man with a long nose and points ears sitting at a desk. He had glasses on and was on a tall chair used, so he was not bellow the table.

He looked up and said in a monotonous voice "Let me see your Library Pass" as he turned his head back down to continue reading his book.

"We don't have one" Able said as he prepared some money beforehand.

"Five silvers" The man curtly.

Able handed him the payment and got two passes with a magic symbol inscribed on them and the word Library pass. Able walked towards the pedestal that was in the center of the Library, and had the categories of books listed.

He looked it over and finally found the books on the "gods" there was only three books that were in this category and Able was bummed. He still took them out, and walked over to the table and sat down. Mary however went to look for other books by herself, and Able let her do as she liked.

He sat down with his books and read through them as he looked for information regarding dominions around them.

After searching through the Books he found that there was four dominions around Zalfari. There was the Goblin God of Greed who ruled over Lucrox who was to the north west of Zalfari.

Two other Dominions were The Hive, and The Palace of Mounds ruled by the Goddess of Honey, and The Queen of the Hill respectively. These two were both to the south, and were constantly at war, and have been fighting for over ten years.

Both of those two dominions are ruled by a Queen who constantly produced workers, and since they are very similar, they also seem to have a born hatred for each other. One rules the skies, while one rules the Earth, however they both want to rule them both. It was bees Versus ants, and it has had no clear winner for a decade.

The last Dominion is ruled by The God of the Grieved and is different from normal Gods in that his Dominion is entirely his Dungeon. It is called the Pyramid of the Dead, and is the largest dungeon around Zalfari.

There was no other information that was as detailed as the four Dominions listed, but it did talk about Dominions that had once been, but were wiped out. There was only two, but it happened, and they were both wiped out by the ruler of the Pyramid of the Dead. The two dominions were left as is, and were still big cities with trade points that had their own dungeons.

Dominions farther away were briefly touched upon, but there was no information about them. Able sighed as he looked at the lack of information. He felt as is someone was specifically trying to prevent the spread of information about Dominions.

Done with his books he looked over towards Mary "Are you about done reading? I have finished up on my end" He told her.

Hearing the sudden voice Mary was flustered and scrambled to close her book and almost fell out of her chair. With a red face she replied "I'm ready to go when you are master".

Able nodded and picked up his books and went to grab Mary's, but she quickly took them, and said she would put them away herself.

Seeing this reaction Able wondered what she was reading, but did not poke further into it and let her be. They left the library after that and went to get a room at an inn for a night to keep up appearances. Able thought it was necessary in case they were being watched.

They went to the dinning room of the inn, and decided to eat dinner there. As they were eating dinner Mary received a call from BAHT saying they were already at the boss room, but failed to beat it the first time around, so they were now recuperating.

Able nodded thinking that they were making quite good time on the Dungeon. Even if the Dungeon boss was harder than normal he wondered why the rest of the Goblin dungeon was so easy. 'Would it not be in a gods best interest to make their dungeon hard to conquer?' he thought.

He was wondering if the Goblin God was either stupid, or very calculating, and was eager to find out which. Since Lucrox was his first target he wanted the god to be stupid, but somewhere deep in his heart he wanted the Goblin God to be a tough opponent.

Able and Mary finished up their meal before they went to the room and teleported back to the God Space.


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