The God System
26 Dungeon“s First Defense
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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26 Dungeon“s First Defense

Able and Mary entered the God Space from Zalfari. He decided to check up on the Egotistic Merchant that was traveling towards Delphi because he was afraid that he would cause a ruckus.

The Merchant arrived at Delphi, and was acting high and mighty like always, but he did not purposely create trouble for the Inhabitants. This caused Able to raise his opinion of him slightly, because he did not try and abuse his power.

He just rented the best inn room the Town had, and went around looking for items that he could gather for trading. There was not much in the town as of right now that was a rare commodity except the Corn that they were growing.

This Corn had not ever been seen before outside of this Town, so the Merchant practically went ballistic. He bought all the produced corn that he could, because he knew a never before seen crop would sell very well, because rich people like rarities.

Able had the Townsfolk process the Corn first, so that when bought it would be unable to be planted anywhere else. This way they would be the only ones able to produce it.

After the merchant bought some supplies he went back to his room, to do what merchants do, and let his guards off work. They were only liable to transport to and from the Town, not protect him while in the town.

The guards heard there was a dungeon here, so they decided to check it out.

---Guards Pov

"Hey Joseph, you think this dungeon will be as hard as The Pyramid of the Dead?" one of the lower level guards asked Joseph the Level 9 guard.

"This is a new dungeon, so it should be easy to conquer" Joseph said as the looked at the entrance into the dungeon. They could hear the growls of the monsters inside, sending shivers down the spines of the weaker guards.

"Quite being such a wuss, if we destroy the core, then we can get 100 Gold coins!" Joseph said as greed filled his eyes.

The other guards jumped in and also convinced the guard, as they began walking into the dungeon. They went into formation, ready to guard against the attacks of the monsters.

After entering they were greeted by a group of gnolls. The gnolls laughed viciously as slobber dripped out of their mouths. They looked at the guards as if seeing their dinner, licking their lips in anticipation.

The guards in the back pulled out their bows, and shot towards the gnolls in the back while the guards in front drew their swords and quickly dealt with the gnolls.

The passed through the first floor very easily, as gnolls were not that strong of opponents with only two of the guards getting wounded.

When they saw the stairs leading down Joseph turned to ask "Want to keep going? We haven't found any treasure yet, but we do have a lot of monster drops we can sell".

The guards agreed that they should keep going, so the continued on, towards the Orc floor.

---Able's Pov

He was watching the guards progression through the Dungeon through the God's view (what he named the screen in the God Space) and saw that they easily swept through the first floor.

He realized why the goblin dungeon seemed so weak, it was because the monsters you could summon at the lower levels were trash!

Quickly thinking of something to stop them Able created a few traps along the way of their path hoping to kill some of them.

He also created a dungeon boss room, so that he could create a boss monster. Looking through the possible boss monsters he was disheartened at the possible choices.

There was only five possible choices



•Giant Goblin (1000 FP, Base Cost)

•Berserker Orc (3000 FP, Base Cost)

•Gnoll Shaman (5000 FP, Base Cost)

•Cyclops (10000 FP, Base Cost)

•Lich (50000 FP, Base Cost)



Looking at the prices of the Dungeon bosses made Able want to cry. They were very expensive, the more powerful they were.

He decided to buy a Gnoll Shaman because he wanted some magic damage in his dungeon. Even though this would set back his Level up, he realized it was worth it in order to protect his dungeon core.

He moved the Dungeon core to a room behind the Dungeon Boss room, and finished equipping the Gnoll Shaman Leveling it up to Level 10 straight away. He gave most of its attribute points into wisdom to increase its magic damage. He put some of the others into random attributes.

The Gnoll Shaman was worth it because it was able to summon its own minions, and even if it was killed it only costed 10 percent of its original cost to re summon it, and this took some weight off its chest.

After finishing preparing the dungeon boss he sat back down and watched the Guards making their way through the dungeon.

He was mad at them because he would have to re summon more monsters after they left wasting more FP, so he was hoping some of them would die to counter balance the cost.


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