The God System
27 Defense Success!
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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27 Defense Success!

Joseph and the guards were in the dungeon hacking away at the Orcs who were besieging them. They were protecting one of their wounded, who had a spike pierced through his stomach.

He was slowly bleeding out, and would die if he didn't get medical attention. They were originally very cocky about easily sweeping through the first floor of the dungeon, but when they got to the second floor they started running into traps.

One of the guards was impaled by a spike trap, and was now dying on the floor. They were surrounded by Orcs, and had no way to get out fast enough to save their fellow guardsman.

Joseph hacked off a head of one of the Orcs as he turned to the other guards and said "I think we might have to leave him, more Orcs are coming, and if we stay here we may lose our lives as well".

The guard who was bleeding on the floor looked up in horror "No, don't! I don't want to die! I still have a wife waiting for me at home!"

Joseph looked towards the guard on the floor "Sorry, but we all have people waiting for us as well".

Joseph got the guards into formation, as they spear headed their way out of the orc besiegement. As they were running away they heard the cusses of the guard on the floor slowly turn into screams, and then silence.

They closed their ears towards this, and just ran farther away from the Orcs. They only wanted to leave the dungeon, they no longer were looking forward to killing the dungeon core.

As they were running away, they were to preoccupied with running and were not paying attention to their surroundings, and two of the guards fell into a pit fall, dying once they hit the spikes at the bottom.

Joseph gulped, and slowed down their retreat as the headed towards the stairs leading towards the first floor. Dungeons were too vicious, they would stick to being guards, because even if they met robbers they were more likely to survive than if they went into a dungeon.

---Able's Pov

He watched as one of the spike traps stabbed into the guard impaling him in joy. "YES!" he yelled as he jumped in joy!

He was originally scared that the guards would make it do his dungeon core, because he wanted to test the dungeons capability he did not personally help defend the dungeon, he wouldn't be he all the time after all, so he wanted it to be able to defend iteself. So he, along with Mary were only able to watch as the guards entered the dungeon.

When he saw the pass the first floor he quickly summoned a boss monster out of worry. Now that he saw them being stopped at the Second floor he was bummed. 'I wasted FP on the boss monster, and didn't even get to see it fight'

Through the screen he saw the Orcs surround the Guards, constantly attacking them. He knew the guards were done for if they did not escape, so he was happy.

He looked on in interest as he saw them leave their comrade on the floor to die. "They sure are heartless huh?" he mumbled as he watch them abandon their friend.

The Orcs quickly killed the guard on the floor quickly as they gave chase to the retreating guards wanting to kill as many as they could.

As the guard died Able heard a prompt

|Requirement met, Monster Spawners Unlocked|

Just as he was thinking of wasting FP on restocking his dungeon he got this! This was perfect timing! He check in the shop and saw that Monster Spawners were 100x more expensive than the original monster, but he knew they would pay for themselves over time.

He watched the guards exit the dungeon with three less than what had entered the dungeon. The guards were walking in low spirits, as they had to sacrifice their friends in order to leave alive. Able on the other hand was in high spirits, His first Dungeon Defense was a success!

Since he was running out of FP he only bought one Gnoll monster spawner for the first floor, because they were all wiped out. He then summoned some extra Gnolls and decided he was done fixing the dungeon for the day.

Nodding as he looked at the map of his dungeon he was content with his current progress. Even though this set him back on his upgrade to Level 3, he figured it was worth it.

Mary then tugged on his sleeve saying "BAHT has reported the situation of the dungeon boss in Lucrox's dungeon. They have fought it two times, and lost both times however they have collected valuable information on the boss, and want you to come up with a strategy in order to defeat the dungeon boss."


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