The God System
28 Hell bear
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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28 Hell bear

"BAHT has reported the situation of the dungeon boss in Lucrox's dungeon. They have fought it two times, and lost both times however they have collected valuable information on the boss, and want you to come up with a strategy in order to defeat the dungeon boss."

Able nodded and said "Tell them to give me the information on the boss, I have time right now, and should be able to analyze the situation."

Mary nodded and began to talk to them over call. Seeing this Able thought it was very inconvenient and ineffective, so he purchased call also so he could directly talk to them.

He told Mary he would call them instead and she complied. He reached them through call and they began to describe what happened in the dungeon.

They described their trek through the dungeon which was pretty much filled with goblins of all kinds, and a few explosions (As goblins love explosives). Then they began to talk about the boss of the dungeon.

"The boss was something called a Hell Bear. It was a bipedal creature that was blood red, and had sharp claws and teeth. Its main form of attack was its claws, but it also had a few other abilities to defend itself with. It used [Thunder Clap] and [War Stomp] which were both area of effect spells used to defend against large crowds. He also summoned minions every once in a while called Hell Bear Clubs, who were just smaller versions of him without the abilities that carried clubs."

"The reason we lost was due to these AOE abilities messing with our trait. Our formation was disrupted due to the abilities causing it to collapse." Alpha continued.

Able began contemplating as he heard this. "Have you seen the Goblin God as of yet?" He asked curious as to why it has yet to make an appearance.

"No he has not, but there was an increase in traps along the way after we made it to the boss room the first time" He said after thinking about it for a while.

This made Able realize that the Goblin God was indeed watching his dungeon, but just had not made an appearance as of yet. "I think I may have to visit Lucrox to deal with this Goblin God myself" he mumbled.

Also, after hearing about the Dungeon Boss Able wondered whether or not location affected the monsters you could summon.

Mary nodded as he asked her the question confirming his theory.

"Okay describe to me the layout of the Boss Room, so I can help formulate a plan of attack."

Alpha began asking the other halflings about what they remembered before coming back to him after a few minutes. "The Boss room was in the layout of a giant square. The center of the room was where the Hell bear was situated at the beginning of the fight. When he summoned the Hell Bear Clubs there was four at a time that appeared on his four directions. There was two huge spikes situated in the far left corner, and to the right of the entrance."

"There was also some giant chains that hung down from the ceiling that the Hell Bear grabbed and used to attack every once in a while. Other than that, there is not much in the room that is very prominent." Alpha said recalling the rooms layout.

Hearing all this Able began to think of a plan to eliminate the Hell Bear. He wanted to see if the Goblin God would act after the boss was defeated, and if he did then Able would go eliminate him himself.

Able began describing the halflings his plan, and went through every detail with them to make sure it would go flawlessly. "That is genius God, if we do that then killing him will be no problem" Alpha said as his voice filled with excitement.

"Yeah yeah, don't get so worked up alright? Just make sure you follow the plan" Able said as he rolled his eyes. His minions were always over praising him.

"Yes Sir! It will be done!" Alpha said regaining his calm.

Able ended the call and looked towards Mary and said "What do you think?"

"You plan is indeed very well made, but I think we need to head over to Lucrox because BAHT will be unable to stop the Goblin God if he goes on a rampage. He is assumed to be at Level 3 if not Level 4 which makes him many times stronger than the halflings" She said as she went over the possible scenarios in her mind.

Able agreed and said "Yeah, Lets start making our way over now. If we hurry we can make it in three days. No one ever complained about assistance coming early."

He bought two of the fastest horses he could from the shop and they set out towards Lucrox as fast as they could.


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