The God System
29 Goblin Horde
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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29 Goblin Horde

Able and Mary were ridding along as fast as they could towards Lucrox. Able was pushing the horse to run faster as it panted in exhaustion. He did not know why, but he had an impending feeling, like something bad was going to happen.

He was deep in contemplation as he heard Mary yell at him to look in front. He looked up, and saw a giant dust cloud in the distance racing towards them. He was stunned at the sight, and thought an army was marching towards him.

When he looked closer at the cloud it was indeed an army, but they were not marching towards him, they were chasing after something. It was a giant army of goblins chasing after seven little halflings running for their lives.

The halflings frantically ran as they helped support their injured brethren sometimes turning around to taunt the chasing goblins. If you don't include the fact that if they are caught they will be killed, then this could be considered a comical sight.

The halflings noticed Able in the distance, and their faces brightened as their speed picked up. There was at least two thousand goblins chasing after them, and they seemed to be seriously pissed off.

The halflings arrived in front of Able as he jumped off his horse and began killing goblins. The goblins were not a match for him at all, and with every stroke of his sword a goblin, sometimes two, would lose its life.

The goblins caught up to the group now that they had stopped and surrounded them while growling. Able turned towards them and said with a sigh "What have you guys gotten me into?"

Alpha turned to him and laughed with gusto "Its no big deal god! Just a bunch of small fries". He pulled out some explosives from his bag and threw them towards the places where the goblins were most clumped up caused massive amounts of destruction.

He laughed as he saw this and said "I will have to thank that Goblin god for introducing these explosives to me, they are so fun!" when the other halflings heard this they began laughing also.

Able saw this and felt a chill down his spine. Did he just inadvertently create a group of pyromaniacs. Subconsciously Able scooted away from the group as he watched them throw explosives at the goblins.

However their explosives were not able to take out all the goblins, so Mary and Able were also slashing away at the goblins in abandon killing as many as they could.

The goblins though, even with the death of many of their comrades did not give up. They attacked until the last goblin fell hoping to take down the group.

Seeing this fearlessness of the goblins Able began to wonder what the halflings did to make the cowardly goblins act as such.

Eventually the group wiped out the goblin horde, but not without injuries, as three of the halflings were now unable to walk, and had to be carried. The goblins had stabbed two of them in the leg, and Zeta had a sword that went through his ribs. Even with his grievous wound, he still did not complain, and was even laughing along with his brothers, even though he winced every time due to pain.

Able set the injured halflings on the horses as he decided to find a place for the group to camp for the night and heal.

They walked until they got to a nice spot next to a stream, and started to set up camp there. Able and Mary set up their own tent, and even helped the halflings out, as they were all injured. Since Alpha was the least injured out of all the halflings he left to go gather some firewood, for the campfire while waving off Able who asked if he needed to gather the wood instead.

Since Able was unable to gather firewood he quickly used [Perish Passage] and went back to the God Space and bought health potions for the halflings to make sure they did not die. He was not able to bring all the halflings back with him through [Perish Passage] due to its limited capacity, and he was only able to use it once a day, so he was also unable to ferry them.

The halflings began to heal, as the camp had been set up, and they got a campfire going. Able sat down at the campfire, and looked at Alpha and asked, "So tell me what happened? How did you all end up like this? Start from the beginning."

Alpha nodded and said "Well you see it all began after the call with you ended..." Alpha's voice drifted through the night as he began to recall the story of their difficult times in Lucrox.


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