The God System
30 Fight with the Hell Bear 1
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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30 Fight with the Hell Bear 1

Alpha's voice drifted through the night as he began to recall the story of their difficult times in Lucrox. "Well you see it all began after the call with you ended. After you ended the call we decided to rest up for a few minutes before attacking the dungeon boss again."

---Scene Change to BAHT pov

"What do you say boys? You think we can do it this time?" Alpha said as he looked towards the other halflings who were munching on food.

"Yeah no problem, we can do it because of God's Plan" Gamma said nonchalantly as he was not worried about the fight. He had one hundred percent confidence in his god, so he had no need to be worried.

"Yeah I also think we can kill the Hell Bear, but the thing that worries me is what that bastard Goblin God would do once we kill it. Even God warned us, to retreat as soon as we encountered him after all" Epsilon said.

"Yeah the Goblin God is the only challenging thing in this godforsaken dominion. If there was no god protecting it the seven of us could wipe it out ourselves." Delta said as he threw a piece of wood into the fire.

"Don't get ahead of yourself. There are at least ten thousand if not more goblins living in this dominion, so the seven of us would not be able to destroy it as easily as you make it sound" Alpha interjected.

"Well even if it is not easy for us, we will still be able to do it, if we do hit and runs. Or if our god comes then he could wipe them all out himself" Delta said.

"Well I agree with you on that, just make sure that you know our limitations" Alpha said.

Delta nodded and looked back at the fire. After a while Alpha stood up and patted the dirt of his pants. "Well lets get going then! We ought to show that Hell Bear who is boss!"

The halflings all quickly packed up their things and set off towards the dungeon boss room. They made it there in five minutes. They all prepared their weapons, and pushed open the door and walked into the room. They all knew what to expect since they had already tried twice before, so they quickly got into position.

At the center of the room was a giant boss that was blood red in color that was standing on two legs. It had a big jaw with sharp teeth and sharp claws. It ears jutted out from the side of its head, and twitched once it heard people entering its territory.

It looked up at the halflings and roared as it saw them enter. It had already defeated them twice, and they dared to come back and challenge him again? He wanted to eliminate them for trampling on its pride.

The halflings quickly activated their formation as they surrounded the Hell Bear. They ran in a circle as they began attacking him periodically dealing a lot of damage. The Hell Bear, had already experienced this though, and immediately used [Thunder Clap] and broke their formation as they flew backwards.

It cackled as it chased one of the halflings that flew closer to the exit, not wanting to let it escape. The other halflings quickly got off the floor, and congregated on his position as they ran towards the door. The Hell Bear thought they were trying to escape yet again, and grabbed one of the chains hanging from the ceiling and swung it at them.

The Hell Bear was not strong enough to pull it out, but it still used it like a whip trying to use its longer reach to hit the halflings. Beta was hit by the chain and coughed blood as he flew and slammed into the side of one of the spikes.

He was not impaled, as he only hit the side of the spike. The spike was at least 10 meters in diameter, and was big enough to hide behind, so the halflings ran behind it as they took Beta with them. Zeta quickly pulled out a healing potion and fed it to him as the Hell Bear was stomping over towards them.

The halflings hid behind the corner, and the Hell Bear was in the way of the entrance, so they were unable to leave that way. The Hell Bear though he had outsmarted them grinning as it was finally able to kill these pests.

Alpha turned to Beta and said "Are you alright? Gods plan is working so far, so just hold in there. You can take the first shift on the defense side. Zeta, Theta. You two come with me. We will start attacking first." the two nodded as they stood up and walked with Alpha towards the other side of the spike.

This was part of Able's plan. They would use the spike to block the Hell Bears AOE attacks, preventing the whole formation from collapsing. After one group of halflings gets hit by the attack they would swap out with the group waiting on the other side. Even if the Hell Bear wanted to leave they already had trapped him into their formation preventing any escape, so it was a good plan.

All the halflings got up, as they got into formation, with Alpha, Zeta, and Theta on the side with the Hell Bear, and the other four being protected by the giant spike.


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