The God System
31 Fight with the Hell Bear 2
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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31 Fight with the Hell Bear 2

All the halflings got up, as they got into formation, with Alpha, Zeta, and Theta on the side with the Hell Bear, and the other four being protected by the giant spike.

The halflings were in a giant circle, with the Hell Bear backed up against the spike. It tried multiple times, to leave the entrapment, but was stopped short of leaving every time.

By this time Beta had healed already due to the healing potion and was ready for battle. If even one of the halflings were knocked out then their formation would collapse and lose all its power. Alpha roared as he parried the Hell Bear's strike getting pushed back from the impact.

The Hell Bear was much stronger than him, so he was flung around like a rag doll. The two twins were attacking its sides as Alpha was being flung away and made two deeps cuts long its arms. They were trying to cut its tendons, to make his arms useless, but his flesh was too thick.

The Hell Bear roared in fury as he used [War Stomp] causing the three halflings to go into a dazed state unable to move. The halflings on the other side of the spike felt this, and knew it was their time to move. They swapped places with the three dazed halflings as they threw them over to the safe side of the spike.

Now that the other halflings were safe they began their assault on the Hell Bear. The Hell Bear was now being attacked by four halflings and was under much more pressure than before. They slashed and poked at the Hell Bear till it was bloody and tired.

The halflings repeatedly circled around the spike as they took turns battling the Hell Bear. The Hell Bear roared as Delta stabbed it in the thigh and summoned its four Hell Bear Clubs. The four little Hell Bear Clubs all ran and attacked Delta at the same time.

Delta was not expecting this attack and blacked out after one of the Hell Bear Clubs whacked him in the head. The formation was now broken, so the Hell Bear sprinted out of it as it went back into the center of the room. It was now wary towards the spikes, and would not near another easily.

The halflings quickly backed off as they woke Delta up. They would be unable to use the [Mithril Raindrop formation] if he was unconscious. He woke after they gave him some medicine, and they gathered up as they began their next attack.

The Hell Bear now had only about a third of its energy left, and would be taken out soon enough if they worked together. Alpha told something to Zeta and Theta and they nodded as they began climbing up the spike.

The others grouped together and charged towards the Hell Bear ready to take it out.

The minions of the Hell Bear had been resummoned by him, so they first decided to kill those pests before attacking the main boss. They dealt with the Hell Bear Clubs as the Hell Bear was attacking them in return.

Seeing as how they were not defended by the spike the Hell Bear again used [War Stomp] causing all five halflings on the ground to be stunned. Grinning at his victory the Hell Bear prepared to kill them when the chains hanging from the ceiling were twisted around his body tying him up.

The Hell Bear roared as he shook trying to break the chains, or shake them off. The two twins had actually gone on the spike to swing through the chains and tie the Hell Bear up. They were swinging around on the chains like your own friendly neighborhood superhero and wrapped around him stopping his movements.

The other five halflings who were stunned, now began to move as they ran towards the Hell Bear killing him because he could not fight back. The Hell bear roared in resentment the whole time because it felt cheated at its loss.

The Hell Bear fell on the floor dead and the halflings began to cheer as the seven went into a group hug with the twins in the middle. They laughed as they plopped to the floor wanting to take a rest grinning all the while.

It was at this time a black portal opened up in the boss room and a shriveled up green goblin walked out of it. He had a long pointy nose with very rich and vibrant cloths atop his ugly body. The goblin was currently glaring at them in malice. There was also a busty goblin girl that followed him out of the portal wearing glasses and holding some papers looking like a secretary.

"You dare to kill my minions in my dungeon!" he shrieked at them as he grabbed a mace and began to charge towards them. The goblin girl behind him rolled her eyes as she prepared to watch a fight.


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