The God System
32 Goblin God of Greed
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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32 Goblin God of Greed

The Goblin God grabbed his mace as he began charging at the halflings. "You dare to kill my minions in my dungeon!" he shrieked at them as he gripped his mace and began to charge towards them.

Following behind him was his busty secretary goblin. She did not look like she was prepared to fight, nor could she fight, but the halflings were still wary of her.

Seeing the Goblin God charging at them the halflings immediately began sprinting out of the dungeon. They listened to Able and began retreating as soon as they saw the Goblin God. He was cursing at them as he began chasing them through the dungeon. He was very short, so his speed was not faster than theirs, so it became one short guy chasing after seven.

The Goblin God was sending goblins to attack them throughout the chase to try and impede their progress, but the goblins were too weak to harm the halflings and were just getting sent to their deaths. The halflings though were happy with this arrangement because the goblins they killed were carrying explosives.

They quickly ran through the dungeon looting dead goblins as they made their escape from the Goblin God. "You filthy lowlife halfling scum! Get over here this instant and I will spare your miserable lives torture before death!" the Goblin God shrieked as he chased after them.

He was royally pissed off now that he had lost so many goblins due to the halflings. He chased them for a full hour and a half before they finally made their way out of the dungeon.

The halflings stopped for a moment before Gamma nudged Alpha and said as he pointed towards the city "What do you say we go give Lucrox a present?" he held the explosives he gathered in his hands.

Alpha's eyes sparkled as he nodded leading the halflings towards Lucrox. This was not part of Able's plan, and was a spur of the moment decision the halflings made in order to weaken the Goblin God of Greed.

At this time the Goblin God burst out of the Dungeon entrance with tons of goblins pouring out along with him. He looked at the halflings running towards his city and screamed "Kill those pests! I want their heads on stakes!".

Seeing them running towards his city the Goblin God had a bad feeling in his gut, but ignored it thinking 'what can seven halflings possibly do?'. He forgot at that moment that those seven halflings killed his strongest minion, the dungeon boss.

The halflings ran all the way towards Lucrox which was about a mile from the dungeon entrance killing many goblins along the way. As soon as they got to the gate of Lucrox they threw their explosives blowing the gate to splinters.

Lucrox was actually almost all goblins, and they did not need to feel bad about destroying the city, so they went on a rampage blowing up all the building they could.

When they ran out of explosives they would just grab more off dead goblins, because all goblins were carrying at least a little bit. Playing with explosives was a goblins favorite past time, they were the worlds best explosive producer after all.

After blowing up at least a third of the city the halflings were finally cornered by the goblins. Alpha looked towards Delta who nodded with a smile as he turned around to light a fuse.

The goblins cackled as they saw the halflings cornered gnashing their teeth at them. The halflings parted as they made way for their God and he glared at the halflings. In a shrill voice he said "What moves do you have now? You will all pay for your crimes and your dead bodies will be hung as a deterrent for future criminals" the Goblin God said maliciously.

As he finished speaking a loud boom resounded as the buildings surrounding them crashed to the floor smashing tons of goblins and even a stray piece of cement smashed into the Goblin God knocking him out.

The halflings laughed as they sprinted through the hole now open in the wall and ran towards the direction of Delphi wanting to make and escape. The Goblin God got up with a huge lump on his head as he screeched at the remaining goblins "BRING THEM BACK! I DON'T CARE IF THEY ARE ALIVE OR DEAD I JUST WANT TO SEE THEIR BODIES BACK HERE BY NIGHTFALL!!!"

The goblins screeched as they began chasing after them with a newfound hatred growing in their hearts.

"And you know the rest" Alpha said as he finished recounting his story to Able.

Able sat there stunned at the pure shock the story gave him. The halflings just committed the most insane attack he had ever heard of! They destroyed a third of a city, and probably half of its inhabitants with only SEVEN PEOPLE! And those people were only half size!


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