The God System
33 Able Vs. Goblin God 1
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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33 Able Vs. Goblin God 1

After the story Able allowed the halflings to rest for a few days before they began their attack on Lucrox. Able was a little excited now that he was attacking another dominion. Over the time they were resting Able went back to Delphi and summoned five hundred skeletons to help them take over Lucrox.

Although the skeletons were weaker than the goblins, Able still felt like going to attack another city with only nine people was a bit much, thus he summoned some infantry.

After a week of preparation they were now in front of Lucrox, preparing to attack them and capture the dominion. Since there was only a few thousand goblins left in the whole city they would be able to take it over easily.

Able left Mary with the skeletons to capture the city while him and the halflings went to the dungeon to destroy the core. He wanted to capture the dominion after all, not just destroy it.

After quickly passing through the dungeon floors they arrived at the boss room. Able turned to Alpha "Alright lets just defeat it together, because I am here we should be able to defeat it without any problems." The halflings nodded as they entered the boss room with their weapons drawn.

Normally there would be some adventurers in the dungeon, but because of the massive destruction in Lucrox a week ago the adventurers felt a bad omen, and stopped diving into the dungeon retreating back to Zalfari.

The door creaked open and they saw that the Hell Bear was not there, instead it was the Goblin God surrounded by some goblins. He was sitting on a throne smiling at them as two goblins shut the door behind them.

"So you have finally come. I assume you are the one who ordered these halflings to destroy my city and kill my underlings?" The Goblin God's high pitched voice sounded through the room.

Hearing his voice Able secretly wondered if he was neutered. "Yes I ordered them to kill your dungeon boss." Able said wondering why he didn't just re-summon it.

"So are you that new God that made residence not to far away in that dinky village?" He said as he peered at Able.

"Enough talk! This Dominion will be mine soon anyways, I have no need to discuss things with you!" Able was angry at the Goblin God now. How dare he call his dominion Dinky!

The Goblin God laughed as he jumped off his throne pulling out his mace "We will see if you are right about that or not." He licked his lips as he said "Because once your protection leaves then I will flatten your Dominion!!!" he shrieked.

Able did not respond and began attacking the Goblin God. He asked Genesis what Level he was and she told him he was Level-4.

The Goblin God's mace smashed against his sword causing Able's arm to fling backwards. The Goblin was much stronger than he was. Able maneuvered around the Goblin God slashing through his countless defenses.

The Goblin God had no prior training in the use of weapons, and was full of openings and Able saw through all of them. The Goblin God shrieked as he was stabbed in the chest and disengaged with Able. At this time the halflings and goblins were just watching the fight on the sidelines.

The Goblin God shrieked as he jumped commanding the goblins to start attacking. The goblins complied as they picked up their weapons and charged towards the halflings and Able.

With this increase in numbers the Goblin God began attacking Able again thinking he had the advantage.

Even though Able was surrounded by Goblins on all sides he was still able to somehow stay alive. He would sometimes slash towards his back without even looking to kill goblins who were about to stab him, and was fighting the Goblin God at the same time.

However he was not able to keep this up for long, and got a mace to the shoulder when his concentration was focused somewhere else. He flew back as his arm hung limply to the side unusable any longer.

Able looked at his arm thankful it was his offhand, so he was still able to fight. The Goblin God cackled as he said "You are no match for me! Why bother coming to attack a dominion when you are too weak to capture its dungeon!" he laughed like the classical villain as he taunted Able.

Able got up of the floor as he killed a few goblins and stared down the Goblin God. In a one versus one fight he would have been able to kill the Goblin God, but when he was surrounded he would be overwhelmed.

He turned to the halflings and said "Use the explosives!". Hearing explosives both the goblins and the halflings ears perked up. Surprisingly they both followed the command as they began to hurl explosives at each other.

The room erupted into chaos as explosions reverberated throughout the room. The Goblin Gods face instantly turned from green to red as he charged at Able in fury.


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