The God System
34 Able Vs. Goblin God 2
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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34 Able Vs. Goblin God 2

The Goblin God charged at Able, as explosions resounded from all sides. The Goblin God knew he would be unable to stop the goblins once they got permission to use their explosives, so his dungeon boss room would be turned to tatters after this, so he was extremely pissed off at Able.

He slammed his mace down as Able dodged to the right slashing at his exposed flank. The Goblin God was still being helped out by the other goblins, so Able took a spear the the ribs, and had to retreat before he could do any major damage.

He pulled out a health potion and chugged it down as he began to heal. The Goblin God did not let up and shouted "[Star Fall]" as his mace glowed with a blue light. Able went to parry the attack, but when his sword touched the mace it made an explosion flinging him backwards.

He flipped in the air as he landed back on his feet facing the Goblin God. He charged at the Goblin God and jumped in the air. As he was falling down towards the Goblin God he spun using the momentum to increase his attack power and slashed towards the Goblin God.

|The Ability [Rotational Slash] had been acquired|

Able payed no attention to the prompt he heard and attacked the Goblin God. He could not let his concentration waver for a moment, or he would again be injured.

The slash from his new skill flung the Goblin Gods mace to the side, and Able weaved his sword through his defenses and slashed him across the stomach creating a deep gash.

The Goblin God screeched in pain as it again used [Star Fall] causing Able to back off not wanting to take that hit again.

The Goblin held his stomach in pain as he reached behind his back and took out a giant black bomb. Even though he was mad that Able caused his goblins to use explosions that didn't mean he wouldn't want to use them!

He threw the bomb at Able, and Able smashed it with the flat of its blade causing it to fly into a group of goblins blowing them to bits. He charged at the Goblin God who was now dumbfounded that his bomb didn't work, and slashed at his extended arm taking off his hand.

The Goblin God screeched as he pulled out another bomb dropping it to the floor while backing off. This one had a short fuse and blew up in two seconds blocking Able's path to the Goblin God. After the explosion smoke filled his vision as he heard the Goblin God shrieking from the other side of the smoke.

Since he did not know if there would be more explosives in the smoke he just picked up some from the dead goblins and started chucking them through the smoke. The Goblin God on the other side began to do the same thing and they began to have a snowball fight, wait no an explosive fight.

The whole room was just a mess of people throwing explosives at each other at this point with Able and the halflings on one side, and the goblins on the other.

They were unable to get close to each other due to the explosives, so they threw them until both sides ran out.

After the explosions stopped an eerie quiet filled the boss room. Able signaled to the halflings as he charged out of the cover they were behind and locked onto the Goblin God. The Goblin God was currently hiding behind the throne he was sitting in earlier, shielding himself from the explosions.

Able slashed at the throne bisecting it as the Goblin God backed away preparing his mace. The other goblins surrounded them while they fought attacking Able from the back.

Able was now surrounded by Goblins, with the Goblin God providing the frontal assault. Able and the Goblin God began to fight against each other with Able slowly losing ground due to the Goblin's strength, and his minions attacking Able's back.

Able's leg was pierced from the back and he roared as he turned beheading the goblin who injured him. He cursed as his leg was now unfunctional and he would no longer be able to keep up with the Goblin God.

The Goblin God laughed when he saw this and taunted "What are you gunna do, now that all your plans have failed?" He carried his mace as he walked over toward Able preparing to end him.

Able was on the floor and looked up to the Goblin God and smiled "Well...not all of them".

The Goblin's face scrunched up in confusion as seven halflings dropped from the ceiling surrounding him. They activated their formation and quickly began to suppress him.

He was now in an injured state, and was not as strong as normal, so their formation was now able to entrap him. unlike before.

The other goblins wanted to help him out, but the formation was too tight, and they were unable to break it. The Goblin God got pierced from all sides causing him to spit out blood.

He looked at Able, who was now limping towards him with anger on his face "How could a weak god like you-" He was unable to finish his sentence because Able's sword pierced through his neck.

All the goblins stopped attacking when their God died, and kneeled on the floor. They were now accepting Able as their new God and a prompt was heard at the same time.

|The Dominion Lucrox has been Captured|

|Level Up|

A white light flashed through the whole city, and dungeon at this point and it converted the previous Goblin God's shrine into his own, giving Able ownership of the whole dominion.

Able was confused, and asked Genesis "Don't I need to destroy the dungeon core before I am able to capture a dominion? And why did I level up?"

"No, If you kill a God, you claim all their dominions, but if you destroy a dungeon core you only claim the dominion of that dungeon. And you Leveled up because you captured a dominion, but worry not because the cost to level up is still the same, it only increases if you purchase a Level up" She answered.

Able sighed and accepted all of this and looked towards the halflings and said "Well lets go find Mary" the halflings nodded and they walked together with Able as the exited the dungeon. The goblins who were previously fighting them, were also following them out of the dungeon.


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