The God System
35 Gwen Nuevear
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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35 Gwen Nuevear

Able left the dungeon with the halflings as the goblins followed him. He saw that they were not hostile, so he did not bother with them.

They all walked towards Lucrox going to look for Mary. He was not in a hurry because Genesis said that this was now his dominion, so its inhabitants would not attack his assistant.

After arriving at Lucrox he called Mary asking her where she was and she told him to head to one of the coffee shops, as she was there drinking coffee.

He thought it funny that after such a hard fight he came to find Mary and she was just drinking coffee. 'Isn't she already short? When her maturation period comes she will not grow at all!' he thought thinking of the consequences of drinking coffee.

He arrived at the coffee shop and saw Mary sitting at a table happily chatting with a busty secretary goblin. The Goblin Lady was actually tall for her race coming in at around 4'11''. Her skin was all green, and her face could be said to be pretty. She had black hair that went down to her shoulders and massive- *cough*. Able sat down when he felt a murderous gaze coming from Mary and decided to stop "scouting out" the goblin girl.

The Busty Goblin stood up and bowed as she said "Hello Master, this one is Gwen, and is ready to serve you".

Able was confused, so he decided to ask some questions. "Are you not the Goblin God's assistant?"

"I was, but am no longer and would like to be your new assistant." she promptly replied.

"Why would you forsake him after he has died?" Able probed, as he did not want a turncoat.

"The Goblin God was very stupid, and greedy. He would not manage the dominion in a proper way and was running it into the ground. If you did not come and wipe him out, then its economy would have crashed in half a year at most. I never liked him, as he did not treat me well, so I have no lingering attachments" Gwen explained.

"Okay, so what can you offer me? Why should I accept you?" he asked.

As if already expecting this question she answered "Well first off I will be able to make this dominion very profitable. I am very good at managing business, if you let me offer my talents I will oversee this dominion for you, so you do not need to worry about it."

Able nodded as he indeed did not want to look over all his dominions. "Alright I will accept you, but on the condition that even if I die you will not side with the enemy" he said.

Gwen had a conflicting look on her face before she finally made a decision and nodded.

"I want you to swear it" Able said, as swearing an oath in this world had huge meaning, because breaking them meant death.

"I swear on my name Gwen Nuevear that I will serve you until death" She swore.

Able nodded as he patted his leg and stood up "Well lets start fixing this dominion then".

Gwen nodded and entered the god space along with Mary and Able. He was now able to enter the God Space from here because it was his dominion. This also meant he could instantly teleport from here to Delphi as they were both his dominions.

Able looked around and noticed there was another screen just like before except this one was on overview of Lucrox. The city was severely damaged and there was goblin corpses strewn about.

"First things first let's remove the dead bodies" Able said as he cleaned them all up through FP.

He then fixed all the building that were destroyed by the halflings and even was a little angry at them for making him waste so much more FP.

Looking at the inhabitants there was still around three thousand goblins still in the dominion. The dungeon though only had about five hundred. Seeing as how there was so little defense in the dungeon Able resummoned the Hell Bear, leaving it as the boss and summoned another five hundred goblins for defense. He did not summon a lot because there was already five spawners in the dungeon and they would restock over time.

Gwen gave Able some advice on what to build, and purchase. He listened to her as her advice was sound and seemed like it would work out.

He bought multiple tools the goblins didn't have before, made factories for them to produce their explosives, and gave them seeds to grow food, as they were seriously lacking food. If they didn't get any food then they would all starve the coming winter.

He now had about five thousand inhabitants from across both dominions, so he decided to upgrade his shrine at Lucrox to increase the amount of FP gathered. He also summoned more goblins to increase to workforce of the city.

He wanted to leave this as a goblin city, but also wanted more other races to come visit the city when they realize it was under new rule. It would be much more prosperous that before, and safer as well now that the goblins were under Able's control.


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