The God System
36 Status Check
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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36 Status Check

After summoning all the new inhabitants to the city there was at least four thousand goblins walking around the city.

He decided to check his stats because he had just Leveled up.


Name: Able

Age: 22

Race: Arch God

Title: God of Thrill and Adventure

Level: 3

Dominions: Delphi Village (Inhabitants: 1472)

Lucrox (Inhabitants: 4382)

Faith: 75 (Generate: 5400 Per Day)

Trait: None

Abilities: [Perish Passage] [Counter] [Rotational Slash]

Assistants: 2

Subordinates: 0

Str: 50 Def: 20

Con: 40 Dex: 20

Int: 20 Wis: 10

Cha: 10 Per: 10


He looked at his FP and realized just how broke he now was. He had spent all his FP on fixing up the new dominion leaving him with almost nothing left. His stats, however, made him smile because he already had a total of 180 status points at Level 3. For comparison, a normal person would only get 180 status points at level 10.

He looked at Gwen's stats as well, to see where she was at. He wanted to know whether or not Gwen was actually a good assistant. He heard from her that she was very good at regulating the dominions, but he wanted to check out her stats himself.


Name: Gwen Nuevear

Age: 32

Race: Goblin

Title: None

Level: 10

Trait: [Advanced Intellect]

Abilities:[Computation] [Regulation]

Items: None

Str: 0 Def: 0

Con: 0 Dex: 0

Int: 280 Wis: 0

Cha: 0 Per: 0


Looking at her stats Able was stunned. She has had all her stats in Intelligence. Able also assumed this was the reason that the Goblin God did not like her. Her innate attribute was also Intelligence. He also wondered why, when the Goblin God had created her, did he not select another attribute, if he does not like smart people. However, this would be a mystery for the ages, because he will never get the answer.

She was also only Level 10 but had two abilities, and both of them would help her in managing Dominion. He realized that he had just picked up a treasure. He would no longer have to think of what to buy for his dominion, and where to spend his FP because he can just give all the permissions to Gwen.

Looking at her trait which was Advanced Intellect Able also assumed that she was on her way to becoming a Hob Goblin, which was much smarter than normal goblins.

He turned to Gwen and said "Okay I will now give you permission to spend my FP, to improve both Dominion. I would like you to look after them both and make sure they are running smoothly. You do not need to ask me to spend any FP, so long as it is for the dominion." Able said to Gwen.

Hearing this Gwen's jaw dropped. She had only joined him this day, and he had already trusted her enough to spend his FP. Although Mary could also spend his FP, she has never done it, because she had no need to.

Now that he thought about it Mary was supposed to be looking after the dominion, but she never did her job. He looked at Mary out of the side of his eye, but when she looked over at him and tilted her head in confusion he quickly diverted his eyes.

He made the other two sit at a table as he began to talk about what they should do next.

"Should we start attacking the other dominions near us? Or should we first build up our own dominion, and Level up its inhabitants?" Able asked.

"Sir if I may?" Able nodded, so Gwen began talking "I think we should first build up our own power because we will not be able to take down the other dominions as easily as we did this one. The Goblin God was a moron, and also a new God just the same as you".

"Although the Goblin God had come three months before you, he had also not done a lot of improvements on his own dominion, leaving it easy to attack. The other Gods though are old hags and geezers, with the Pyramid of the Dead rumored to be over fifty years old, and the two queens are over a decade old already" Gwen explained to him.

Able nodded as he heard what she was speaking of and turned to Mary seeking her opinion as well. She just looked at him and said: "Whatever master wants is best". Hearing this Able rolled his eyes as he began thinking of his progression direction.

After a while, he said Alright "Let us conserve our strength, and build up our defenses. We will increase our strength and in half a year we will come back, and let us see whether or not we will be considered as weak".


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