The God System
37 Half a year later
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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37 Half a year later

Six months had passed since Able had taken over Lucrox. The city was now bustling with people, and there were a lot more people in the city other than goblins. This was a huge change from what it was like before, with a population of over ninety percent goblins.

The Dungeon had also been upgraded and now had twenty floors and two boss monsters. The Hell Bear was still there and on the deepest floor, there was a new boss called a Minotaur. This boss was Level twenty-five and held a giant sword with a reach of four meters.

The Dungeon had attracted a lot of attention from adventurers because there were goblins and they are easy to kill. The has led to a branch of the Adventurers guild being set up in Lucrox, making the city even more prosperous.

Able was satisfied with this development and looked at Delphi. His once little village was now a full grown city. It was bustling with people, and merchants were constantly arriving trying to purchase their one of a kind product corn.

This is what has led to the city's rapid influx of people. It attracted multiple immigrants and merchants who wanted to come to this up and coming city.

Although this product had brought good, it had also brought the bad side society. There were three instances where people had tried to attack Delphi in order to get the Corn, but they had been repelled all three times.

This had led to Delphi's increase in reputation among the people, warding off other attempts of attacking the city.

Delphi's dungeon was now fifteen floors deep, with still the same boss monster, although it had been moved down to the tenth floor. He had also added treasure chests inside the dungeons, to entice more adventurers to delve within.

Able had also Leveled up over the six months three times reaching Level six.

His stats were as shown.


Name: Able

Age: 23

Race: Arch God

Title: God of Thrill and Adventure

Level: 6

Dominions: Delphi Village (Inhabitants: 25k)

Lucrox (Inhabitants: 42k)

Faith: 132100 (Generate: 20000 Per Day)

Trait: [Divine Protection]

Abilities: [Perish Passage] [Counter] [Rotational Slash] [Gate] [Incendiary Slash] [Dominate Monster] [Phantasm Sword]

Assistants: 2

Subordinates: 0

Str: 150 Def: 40

Con: 40 Dex: 20

Int: 20 Wis: 30

Cha: 20 Per: 10


His Next Level up would cost him 250000 FP to Level up, so he was not yet able to Level up. Either he did that, or he would conquer a new dominion, so he did not have a lot of choices. He was making 20000 FP daily because both of his shrines have been upgraded to Level four generating 10000 FP each. To upgrade again it would cost 50000 FP each, with them generating 15000 FP each.

Able had bought some abilities over the six months to improve his strength. He bought [Gate], to teleport to places easier. This allowed him to teleport to a place he has been before once a day.

[Incendiary Slash] and [Phantasm Sword] would help make his swordsmanship even stronger, with incendiary slash allowing him to attack with a flame on his blade, and [Phantasm Sword] made his sword make up to five other fake phantoms of his sword.

He bought [Dominate Monster] to experiment whether or not he could capture outside monsters and bring them into his own dominion. He went out and captured some monsters then brought them back to his dominion, and they could enter both the dungeon and the dominion which Able found interesting.

His new trait that he got at Level 5 was the most interesting. This [Divine Protection] made it so that all his inhabitants have 50 extra defense stats. He was surprised at this because he was not expecting to get such an overpowered trait. In total, this added over three millions status points!

Although over the six months he did go to the mountains and train a bit, most of the time he was at either of his dominions, so he did not adventure a lot with Mary. Even though, she still Leveled up to Level 21 and went to get a D-Rank adventurer ID.

Able told the halflings to go scout out the other dominions, and they went to the two dominions who were currently at war. They were the Ant Goddess and the Bee Goddess. The halflings had been attacked by the ants quite often while they were there, so Able had a bad opinion of them.

The halflings went to The Hive because they were not welcomed by the ants. When they arrived at the Goddess of Honey's dominion, they were allowed in. They produce honey there, which is purchased by a lot of people, due to its delicious taste. It was said to be way better than normal bee's honey.

Through the interactions, he had heard of from BAHT Able had decided that if he was to side with one of the Goddesses he would choose the Goddess of Honey because she seemed much more amiable than the other Goddess.

As he was thinking over what has happened over the six months he felt someone jump on top of his back as she shouted: "Is it time now?". Able looked behind him and saw a girl with poofy hair, and a well-developed body. She was about twenty years old and had very beautiful features.

This, of course, was Mary. Once she had hit her maturation period she had gone into hibernation, where her body began to catch up to her age. She now looked like a full-fledged adult, but she still had some of her childish habits and acted stubborn sometimes.

"Yeah, we can start now. I'll go get the halflings, you get Gwen. Then We will purchase my first subordinate!" Able told her.


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