The God System
38 John“s Daily life
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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38 John“s Daily life

'Delphi has changed so much since it was such a small village. I remember when we did not even have a God, and we had to struggle to survive.' John was thinking as he was wandering around the city looking for his house.

He had just come back from the corn farms after a long day of work and wanted to cook this chicken that he had saved up for. He had wanted to surprise his wife with this chicken.

As he was walking through the city a shopkeeper called out to him "Hey John! You lost again?"

John turned to the shopkeeper with a smile "No, I am just out for a walk! I needed to get some fresh air!" he said trying to hide the fact that he was lost.

"Oh! Well that makes sense! I just want to let you know that your house is that way!" He said pointing towards the direction John had just been walking from.

John had a stunned look on his face before he laughed as he rubbed the back of his head and said "I just remembered I forgot something" he turned around as he said goodbye to the shopkeeper and again began searching for his house.

Everyone in the city knew John because his sense of direction was notorious for being the worst. He was considered as one of the tourist sights of the city.

John was walking down the street as he looked at the surrounding buildings not recognizing any of them. He sighed because now that the city had gotten bigger it was even harder to find his house.

He walked until he arrived at the entrance to the city and stopped as he rubbed his head in exasperation. He realized he was again going to have to find the village chief, who was now the mayor, to help him find his way back home.

He turned around and looked back towards the city. The countless streets looked as if they were taunting him laughing at his predicament.

He sighed as he said "Now which way is the mayor's house?"

Eventually after asking many bystanders he arrived in front of the mayors house. The guards who saw him let him in with a knowing smile.

He entered and sat on a couch waiting for the mayor to come meet him. He had done this countless times, so he knew what to expect.

After a few minutes the mayor arrived and sighed as he looked at John. "I am starting to wonder whether or not letting you work on the farm is worth the trouble" he said as he shook his head.

John patted his chest as he said "I am one of the best workers out there. You can hardly find someone as good as me, so there is no need to worry about me not working hard"

The mayor sighed as he said under his breath"Well I do suppose you are right, but I think I should hire a permanent guide for you in order to relieve some of my stress".

The mayor called in one of his attendants and told him to escort John back home. The man nodded as he began to lead John towards his house.

John chatted with the attendant as they walked towards his house. They arrived shortly and John thanked the attendant before entering his house.

"Honey, I'm home!" John said as he opened the door.

From inside he heard a woman's voice that said "Oh? I'll be just a minute" as he heard a few thumps before a woman appeared in a doorway.

She smiled as she said "Welcome home!" she began walking forwards as she ran into a table. She knocked a bit of wind out of herself as she laughed and said "Ah, there is a table there". Of course she was blind, and could not see.

John smiled and said "Guess what I got today?" as he held the chicken in his hands.

The woman thought for a bit before replying "Is it a chicken?"

John was stumped as he said "How did you know?"

The woman smiled and said "Lucky guess!" she did not want to tell him that every time he brought a surprise it was a chicken.

"Well let us have a feast today!" John said as he went into the kitchen to prepare his chicken. The woman nodded and ran into a few walls before she too walked into the kitchen.

They both prepared the food with John doing the more dangerous stuff and Kate, his wife, doing the easier jobs.

The finished preparing the food and ate dinner happily chatting at the table discussing their day.

"You would not believe what happened to me today!" Kate said as a little bit of anger appeared on her face.

"They moved the fence that was in front of our house again! I ran into it three times before I figured out they moved it!" Kate said as she tried to stab the chicken on her plate missing every time.

"Ah I agree they seemed to have moved everything around the city. I can never find out where our house is because they always move stuff around" John said with an annoyed tone.

Little did both of them know that they were both dunces and nothing was moved at all.

The two finished dinner and washed up the dishes before going to bed. The two were in bed as John said quietly "I hope tomorrow my house is in the same spot for once".


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