The God System
39 New Subordinate
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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39 New Subordinate

All of Able's main group of people had gathered and they were all waiting for him to begin with the purchase of a new subordinate.

He realized that he only had just over 100k FP, so he could either attempt to select a Pre-made Subordinate, or he could just bet on his luck with the Gachapon.



•Select Pre-made (100,000 FP, base cost)

•Gachapon (100,000)

•Self-Construct (1 Million FP, base cost)


They had already discussed before, and they all decided to roll for the Gachapon. With this they had a chance of getting a higher level Subordinate, while with selecting a Pre-Made with his FP the max he could get was a Level 5.

Able selected the Gachapon and all the people in the God space became tense. A Gachapon appeared before them, and inside of it was countless balls with miny figurines of different subordinates you could get. There was Dragons, Orcs, Golems, and countless other types of monsters inside.

The balls began to move around and mix up. They were jumping around inside the machine, until eventually it began to settle down and one of the balls rolled out of the bottom.

Able picked up the ball and saw a tree that was shaped as a man. Able immediately realized that he had got a treant!

After he looked at the ball it disappeared as a white light flashed and the Treant grew until it became ten feel tall. It towered over the rest of the group looking as if it could flatten them with a stomp.

The Treant looked down at Able and said "Master, This one is ready to serve" as he placed his hand over his chest.

Able nodded and opened the Treant's stats to see what he had won from the Gachapon.


Name: Enu Diya

Age: 1025

Race: Treant

Title: Treant Protector

Level: 10

Trait: [Seedling Rebirth]

Abilities: [Overgrowth] [Parasitic Spore] [Leech Seed]

Items: [Rune Stone]

Str: 100 Def: 40

Con: 50 Dex: 0

Int: 0 Wis: 50

Cha: 0 Per: 80


Able looked at Enu's stats and was very happy with them. He had also come with three abilities, and a trait! The trait [Seedling Rebirth] allowed him to revive even if only one seedling of his body remains. Normally Subordinates, and Assistants can not revive, so this was a very overpowered ability.

[Overgrowth] allowed him to instantly grow any plant that was in a fifty foot radius around him, and [Leech Seed] allowed him to attach one of his seeds onto an opponent and steal their life force, with out them knowing. The most dangerous ability of all of them was [Parasitic Spore], that once it was attached to a person over time would be able to take control of their mind making them under Enu's control.

Even better was that Enu had come with an Item, that increased his wisdom by 50 status points. Able was satisfied with what he had got from the gachapon.

|Dungeon EXP Unlocked|

Hearing this Able was confused, as he did not understand what it meant. Genesis answered him after he asked and said "This means that your inhabitants may gain experience, when they kill monsters from your own dungeons".

Able was surprised at this, but was also very happy. You have to understand that most of his inhabitants were Level 1, and if he allowed them to gain EXP from his dungeons, then they will level up very fast.

He looked towards Gwen, then told her his idea of having the Inhabitants to mandatory training in the dungeons to increase their levels.

Gwen thought for a bit before replying "There may be some backlash, but so long as no outsiders are required like the merchants or travelers, then there should be no major problems" she told him.

Able nodded as he said "I think I should also allow them to sell any monster drops for their own money, and allow them to keep any treasures they find as an incentive. Should we also make the Army of my Dominions join in?" he asked.

Able had purchased a lot of more powerful inhabitants to increase the power of his dominion, and now had a five thousand man army in Delphi, and a ten thousand man army in Lucrox.

"The army should join in, but they will need to take shifts, and we should also increase their pay because this is a lot of extra work for them" Gwen said.

"Okay I will leave all the details to you, but I want the inhabitants to start training in the dungeons by the end of this week" he told her. He was not too worried about wasting a lot of FP on the monsters they killed because he purchased a lot of spawners, and they now summoned monsters for free.

"It will be done master" Gwen said as he put her arm over her chest in salute.

Able nodded and looked towards the halflings and said "Okay, so now what of the two new Goddesses?" he had sent them on a scouting mission, and wanted to know what he was up against.


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