The God System
40 Making Plans
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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40 Making Plans

Alpha began speaking of what he had learned from his time at the two goddesses dominions. "Of the two goddesses the Bee queen is definitely the one who is most friendly of the two without a doubt. The ants who serve the Ant goddess will kill other living beings on sight within a certain range of their Anthill" Alpha said.

"We traveled to the Hive, and they were welcoming to all peoples besides the ant because they are enemies with them. I do not think we will be able to take out either dominion because we do not have enough strength. From what we have gathered the Goddess of Honey's dungeon has thirty-five levels and two bosses."

"The first boss is around Level 15 and resides on floor twenty, while the second boss is rumored to be at Level 30 and is on the last floor." Alpha explained.

"They Goddess of Honey also has an army of around one hundred thousand with all of them being at Level 3 or above" He explained in trepidation.

Hearing this Able was shocked to the core and Mary let out a gasp of shock. These decade-old powerhouses were nothing to joke about.

"The Queen of the Hill is said to be of equal power to the Goddess of Honey, so we can assume that they have around the same of everything. However, when we were trying to sneak into the hill, we noticed that they have two types of ants that patrol outside. There are giant major's who are generally around Level 10, and there were worker ants who are all below Level 10." Alpha explained the situation of the ants.

"We were only able to get a quick peek into the hill before we were spotted and had to escape. The hill has one entrance and is patrolled constantly by ants. Inside is just giant catacombs where the ants live."

Able asked "Well did you see their shrine? It can't be hidden now can it?"

"Yes, their shrine is a straight drop from the top of the hill and is in the dead center of their dominion" Alpha replied.

Able nodded as he said, "Okay, so do you have any plans on what we should do?"

Alpha thought for a bit before slowly replying "I think that we should choose a side and help them eliminate the other. We are not strong enough to wipe out either of them, let alone both" Alpha said as he sighed.

"And I would assume that your choice is the Goddess of Honey?" Able said.

Alpha nodded as he said "Yes, they have already been fighting for over a decade, so they should be tired of it already. The Goddess of Honey should accept our proposition as long as we provide the right terms"

"Well, what do you think we should offer? You said that we can not take over either of the dominions, so what can we provide her for assistance?" Able asked.

At this time Gwen interrupted "I think that we should start a good relationship with the Goddess of Honey first, then later we should propose the plan for cooperation. If someone suddenly asked for a cooperation I would first think that it was a trap"

Able nodded and said "Alright lets go with that then. We need to get on her good side first, so she doesn't expect us of anything. Does anyone have any ideas on how we should form a relationship?"

"We could trade with her? She has honey, and we have corn. This will benefit us both, so I don't see why we shouldn't" Gwen said.

"Alright then we will trade with her at first, but when we finally cooperate what should the conditions be?" Able asked as he rubbed his chin.

"She will definitely want the dominion of the Queen of the Hill, as she has been fighting her for over ten years," Alpha said.

Able nodded as he said "Alright let's assume she wants the dominion more than anything else. I will let her take that, but we also need to gain from this. What else is there besides the dominion to take? Their inhabitants?"

"We can take them and put them to work in our dominion," Gwen said.

"A lot of them will die during the war, but if we still get fifty thousand ant workers it will be worth it, and if we get any of their majors then I can use my [Dominate Monster] and then I can use them for my own Army!" Able said excitedly.

Now that they had a plan ready, Able dismissed the group. He sent the halflings back to The Hive, to do what they were doing before. He was still considered as a weak force in this world. The last dominion he conquered was considered a fluke, and now this would be the real fight.


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