The God System
42 Anchor Mercenaries
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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42 Anchor Mercenaries

Able was annoyed with the man because he drank for another six hours before he finally had enough and decided to head back. Although he was annoyed he had to give it to the man, He did know how to drink.

The man left the adventurer guild and Able began to tail him with Mary. He was not very observant of his surroundings, because he figured that no one would mess with one of the Anchor Mercenaries.

He tripped and stumbled through the streets as he began to make it back to their base. It took quite a while for them to get there because the man took a few wrong turns on the way back causing Able to want to strangle him.

He finally arrived at their base, which was a large courtyard with guards posted all around. It was very well defended for a mercenary group which made Able start to wonder if they had a powerful backing.

'Well, no matter! They will belong to me soon enough' He thought as he shrugged.

Now that they arrived at the base he circled it looking at all of their defenses. He wanted to meet the Boss of their Mercenary band in person as that would be easiest. He could make him under his control with an ability, or he could just kill him and take over that way. Whatever worked best.

After finding a hole in their defense Able slipped through along with Mary. They flashed over the walls and landed with a light *thud* on the other side. Able scanned the courtyard and began heading towards the most prominent building because it was rule number one that the bosses resided in the biggest buildings.

They ran through the courtyard sneaking around the buildings and hiding from the patrolling guards.

When they arrived at the building Able climbed up to the balcony on the second floor. He shushed Mary as he peered inside.

A man was sitting at a desk filling out papers. He looked very refined and was wearing glasses and had shoulder-length hair. After writing a bit he tapped the pen on the desk as he sunk into thought.

Able thought he found the right guy, as he looked like he was doing important paperwork. He did not know who the leader of the Mercenary band was, but if he was wrong he would just ask this guy as he looked important.

He opened the door to the balcony and rushed in with Mary and he covered the man's mouth preventing him from screaming for help.

Able whispered in his ear "If you so much as raise your voice I will instantly kill you. I am going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer them. Do you understand?"

The man nodded, but there was no fear in his eyes. Able let him go and the man turned around to face him and asked: "Who are you and why are you here?".

"You seem to have not understood. I am the one asking questions. Now, are you the leader of the Anchor Mercenaries?" Able asked.

The man slowly nodded with a questioning look in his eyes "I am". He answered Able because he did not seem like an assassin, as they would have known who the target was.

"That's great!" Able said as he clapped his hands. "So, do you either want to be under my control from now on or do you want me to take over this mercenary band by force?" he said, as he was not very good with discussions.

Hearing this the man was stunned, and it was evident on his face. "I don't think you understand the magnitude of the words you have just spoken," the man said as anger began to show on his face.

"Oh, I do!" Able said as he stared down the man. "I am ready to kill you and take over this Mercenary band if you do not comply. This is a good deal for you being able to serve a God. You will be able to grow to new heights with this".

The anger slowly receded from his face as he looked at Able. "You said you are a God? Where is your dominion?" he was now curious about this deal, because if you got to work under a God, as long as your God did not fail you were bound to grow in the future.

"Oh? You have decided to accept?" Able asked him.

"I have not accepted yet I just want to know the details!" the man roared at him. Seeing this guy yelling at Able Mary began to draw her sword but Able held her back.

"Okay! Well, I am the God of Thrill and Adventure and my dominions are Delphi and Lucrox." Able said with a smile.

Hearing Lucrox made the Mercenary leader blanch. He knew that another god once ruled that dominion, and if what this guy was telling him was right then that meant *gulp*. The man gulped as he looked at Able with a newfound respect.

"Okay, let us discuss our cooperation then." Able smiled as he heard this and pulled up a chair and sat down across from the Mercenary Leader.


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