The God System
43 Syme
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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43 Syme

"Okay first off, this is not a cooperation. You will be serving me, so it will be you becoming my henchmen" Able said.

The Mercenary leader paused for a moment before he nodded.

Able smiled and said "Okay good. The reason I have come all the way out here to talk to you is because I want to take control of this city. I am planning to unite all the Mercenary groups starting with yours forming one large Mercenary group."

"You will be in charge of the Mercenary group because you are the first to join. Once we unite all the Mercenary groups then I will pressure the leader of the city, and he will also join me. If he does not well then I will have to find a replacement." Able did not want to kill the leader of the city, because he did not know what problems would occur, but it might be necessary.

"How do I know all of what you are telling me is the truth?" The Mercenary Leader asked.

Able turned to Mary with a questioning look. She shrugged at him and he turned back to the Mercenary Leader and grabbed him by the shoulder as he used [Gate] teleporting them back to his dominion.

Just seeing Able's use of [Gate] already confirmed his status to the Mercenary Leader. They arrived in Delphi atop one of the walls overlooking the city. The city was quiet as it was still night out, but there was still a few people walking about.

Able teleported them to the shrine and showed the Mercenary Leader. The leader was stunned because inside was a picture with a likeness of Able, so he knew that Able was telling the truth.

Seeing his reaction Able nodded and went back through the [Gate] arriving back at the Mercenary base.

"So, do you accept my proposition?" Able asked him.

The Mercenary Leader knelt on the floor and saluted. "This one is ready to serve," He said full of conviction.

"Good!" Able said "I now want you to start absorbing the smaller mercenary groups first. Make sure not to cause too much of a commotion, or the other Mercenary groups might, or the local influences might catch on. I do not want to fight them as of yet." Able did not know who the strongest person in this city was, nor who owned it, so he wanted to tread with care.

Able turned around and said, "Oh and what is your name?"

"This one's name is Syme," He said still kneeling. Able nodded and walked through the [Gate] back to Delphi.

Once he was gone the man got up from the floor. He looked to where Able disappeared and determination flashed across his eyes as he turned and prepared to accomplish his tasks.

---??? POV

"Have the preparations been made?" a raspy voice said as rolled over the man kneeling before him. The speaker was wearing a black cloak that covered his body only leaving his withered hands visible. The hood of his cloak hung over his face casting a shadow masking all his facial features.

The man kneeling on the floor shivered as he heard the voice and replied "I have nearly finished. There are still four cities that I have yet to take under our control, but they will be ours soon. There were some difficulties due to the people protecting them, or their remoteness" the man said as he gulped.

"I do not want your excuses, I only want results. Your time is running out. You have two more years, or we will miss the deadline. Get it done." The man in the cloak said with mild anger in his voice.

The man nodded as sweat began to drip down his face. He saluted before he walked out of the room with the cloaked man.

He did not fear many things, but the man in the Cloak was one of them. He always hated reporting to the cloaked man because of the intense atmosphere that always hung around him. You could feel his murderous aura even when he was not expressing it.

The man walked to his room and picked up a crystal ball. He began chanting as the ball shimmered before a picture of a man appeared on its surface. If Able was there he would be surprised, because the man in the crystal ball was the man he previously beat up after he attempted to take Mary.

The man on the surface smiled in flatter as he said: "Oh, what do you need your Lordship?".

"Cut the crap, Sylvester! Why has Zalfari not fallen under our control yet!?" The man was mad because he took all the blame when his subordinates did not finish their tasks.

"Well you see I almost have it taken care of, I just need to unify the mercenaries and a few local powerhouses," Sylvester said while he scratched the back of his head.

"I do not want your excuses, I only want results!" The man roared as he copied the same line the cloaked man said to him.

Sylvester quivered as he nodded and said: "It will be done within three months, your Lordship".

The man snorted and stopped the crystal ball and Sylvester's face disappeared. 'Just two more years, and then our mission will be done' he thought as he began to grin in excitement.


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