The God System
44 Business deals
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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44 Business deals

Able woke up because Mary just kicked him off the bed. She did not do it on purpose, but because she moves in her sleep. Able originally wanted to get Mary her own bed after she reached her maturation period, but she began tearing up once he brought it up, so he conceded and let her sleep in the same bed with him.

He rubbed his head as he smiled wryly at Mary. Just as he began to search through the Faith Shop for something to eat for breakfast he received a [Call] from Alpha.

"Hello? What do you have to report?" Able said as he answered the [Call].

"We have made a connection with the trading company that works under the Goddess of Honey. They are called the Honey Trading Company. We have gathered that although normal bee's eat honey, these ones also eat normal food, so the corn was a big hit over here" Alpha reported.

"Your progress is good. How much did they ask for?" Able asked.

"They want at least 500 units of Corn a month, and they will trade it for 750 units of Honey" Alpha reported the measurements to him.

"You may proceed with the deal, I will designate someone to transport the food to them every month. You guys now need to start gathering more intel on the Queen of the Hill. What you provided before is insufficient, go back and get more." Able told them.

Alpha agreed over the call before they hung up.

500 units of Corn would be very easy to get because with Enu's [Overgrowth] he can start mass producing corn.

Able was currently deep in thought but was awoken by Gwen who was calling him. He looked up and saw Gwen standing there holding her signature clipboard.

She looked at him quizzically and said "There is someone who wishes to meet you. He says that you have met before and has something he wants to talk about."

"Well, what does he want to see me for?" Able asked in confusion. He does not remember anyone who would be in Delphi that he would be speaking with.

Gwen paused for a bit before replying "I think it is best that you find out yourself".

Able nodded and got up as Gwen led him out of the God space and towards one of the restaurants in Delphi. This was the most luxurious restaurant that Delphi currently had. It was five stories tall and was called Sunset.

Gwen led him to the fifth floor and stopped outside of a room. Able looked at her for a moment before he knocked and walked inside. He did not wait for the person to come to greet him and directly entered.

Inside was an obese man sitting down at a table struggling to get up from his chair as he tried to rise and greet Able.

Able was stunned at the sight. It was the egotistic merchant!

Finally squeezing out of his chair the merchant plastered a smile across his face as he greeted Able. "Ah welcome God, please forgive this one. Last time I did not know the difference between heaven and earth and have caused displeasure to you."

Able waved him off "Do not worry about it, I have long forgotten"

The merchant sighed in relief as he sat back down into his chair after Able took a seat. "This one is Blaine, from the Cavendish Trading Company. I asked you here today to see if we could cooperate."

Able nodded and signaled him to continue. "Well, my group has noticed that your city has come up with another rare commodity and wanted to know if you would be willing to sell them to us?" He said as he rubbed his hands together.

Able had a confused look on his face because the only thing his Dominion produced that was rare was the corn. He looked to the merchant and asked: "What is it that you want to purchase?"

Blaine looked at him before slowly replying "Well you see...your assistant Mary was walking around the city once, and I saw her eating some type of food. I asked her about it, and she claimed it was called a lollipop. I purchased some from her because I had never seen any before. They later became very sought after by children from the rich families".

Able was stunned after hearing this from the merchant. He had come here to discuss selling lollipops! Able felt a headache coming on and sighed as he looked at the merchant. "How much are you going to buy each lollipop for?" he asked.

"Do not worry, this one would dare not try and rip you off. I will purchase each one at a gold each!" He said as he patted his chest.

Able was stunned after hearing this because each lollipop was only 2 FP! This was a great deal! He accepted the deal and they agreed to sell 5,000 every month.

With this Able was able to make a steady income of gold, which would help out his development. The only downside was that he was making the money through lollipops which would leave him with mental scars.


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