The God System
45 A Commotion
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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45 A Commotion

Able was walking through the streets of his city deep in thought. He was wondering what other commodities, from his world, could he buy from the Faith Shop and be sold here. He realized that he had just stumbled upon a gold mine.

He previously did not think much about the Corn being very profitable, because he noticed that other food from Earth was here, like watermelon, grapes, and cinnamon buns. If he was able to find more things that are profitable he can make a lot more money.

The only downside to this was that he had to waste FP, which was very important to the expansion of his dominion. He also wanted the money though, as that is what makes the world turn. He needed both for his dominion, so he was in a predicament.

He decided to find stuff from his world to sell but to do it in moderation as FP was crucial for him. He heard a commotion from in from of him causing him to awake from his thoughts.

There was a crowd surrounding the entrance of the city whispering to each other as they pointed. They were looking at some miners, who were currently being supported by others due to injuries. The miners had massive gashes on their bodies and were unconscious due to blood loss.

"Look at that. What do you think happened to them?" one of the people said.

"I'd say that they got into a fight. And they seem to have lost very badly" a short dwarf said as he rubbed his beard.

"I beg to differ. I think the mine just collapsed on them causing all those injuries"

"Are you stupid? There are slash marks on them, and if that happened how do you explain the black stuff on their bodies? I think they met some strong monster on their way to the mine in the mountain."

A few of the miners had missing limbs or had this pitch-black mark on their bodies that looked like it was slowly corroding away at their body. They were groaning in pain as they were passed out, they looked terrible.

Able walked up to the miners as he looked at their wounds. The surrounding people said "God" as they knelt on the floor. They still worshiped Able, so they always made sure to show their faith whenever he was around. Although Able originally felt very awkward whenever they did this, he slowly got used to it, before it no longer bothered him.

Able did not pay attention to the gawkers and asked the miners with mild anger in his voice "What happened?" he was angry that people still dared to injure his citizens.

One of the less injured miners stepped forward as he said "God please get revenge for us. Our brothers...they were killed!" he said with anger evident on his face.

"Okay, slow down. Come with me first, and let's get the others to the hospital, lest they die from their injuries." Able said.

The man nodded and Able waved over some people who got up and carried the injured miners to the hospital. Able could have bought some Health Potions for them, but he thought it was not worth the money. Some people would say he was a bad ruler because of this, but Able just weighed the cost to the rewards.

Able took the miner into the God space, so he could talk with him in private. He did not want the citizens to be even more afraid than they already were. He also got Gwen, because he had a feeling that this would be important. He did not bother Mary, because she was sleeping and he didn't want to wake her up. Most of the time she did not have an opinion either, she always agreed with Able.

They sat at a table across from each other with Able and Gwen on one side, and the man on another. Although Able was called a "God" he almost never acted like one. He did not sit in a throne overlooking the man and just sat at an equal level as him, so they could talk.

He waited for the man to calm down before he asked: "So, can you tell me what happened?". He wanted the man to be able to accurately tell him what had happened, so he waited for him to recuperate himself.

The man nodded as he face was pale, probably from remembering what had happened to him only hours before. He gulped as he looked towards Able with terror on his face "Well the day started off like usual, we woke up early and headed off to the mine. We were only going about our normal work, like normal.." The man slowly began to recount the events of what had happened.


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