The God System
46 Catastrophe in the Mine 1
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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46 Catastrophe in the Mine 1

"How is it looking David?" The miner asked as he peered in the direction of the hole that was just made.

"I don't know. I can't see a damn thing" David said as he shook his head and sighed.

The miners were digging like usual until David stumbled upon some black iron. This was a very rare and precious ore that could be sold for a lot of money. In excitement, they all began to start digging up out the ore with renewed vigor clearing out much more ore than usual.

After about four hours of digging into the wall and gathering some black iron, they suddenly breached the wall opening a cavern that was on the other side.

They were currently looking inside to see if it was safe because there were other monsters out there that like to make tunnels, and if they were currently living inside then it would be dangerous.

"Let's check it out then, there is no noise coming from inside, so there probably isn't anything living in there. They would have heard us mining and already come to check us out." Another miner said.

The miners agreed and they slowly began to proceed through the hole into the cavern. There were about fifteen miners in total that entered into the cavern, getting ready to search for some more ore, and see if this place would be a good spot to mine.

David threw a light forward so they could see how big the room was. The light illuminated the room casting eerie shadows across the walls. David looked around a little spooked and saw the cavern they were currently in was huge.

It was at least 100 meters across, and 50 meters wide. It was sort of circular in shape, but there was spots that jutted out, and it had spikes all around messing up the shape. In the middle of the cavern was a giant fissure that reached down into the depths.

The miners looked around and saw there was black iron all around the cavern sparkling while in the walls. They gasped as the began to chatter. This amount of black iron would make their city rich, and they would get a cut for finding this lucrative spot in the first place. Even though the cut was small, to them it was still a huge amount.

Seeing as how the whole cavern was dotted with black iron David lead the miners towards the ravine to look down inside and see what ore was inside there. Normally the more precious ores are developed under extreme conditions, so there should be better ores inside the ravine.

As they walked closer towards the ravine they could feel their hearts being grasped, as if something was squeezing them. It was not very painful but felt as if someone was holding their life in their hands. This caused them to stop as they hurriedly retreated.

A few of them gasped as they clutched their chests as they gasped due to this uncomfortable feeling. One of the older miners faces even paled as he struggled for breath.

"What was that?" one of the miners said as his face was pale from fear.

"I have no idea, but I think there is an extremely strong presence inside that ravine, and just its aura is enough to harm us." Said another as he wiped the sweat that dripped from his brows.

Most of these miners were Level one, with a few being Level two and three. For a monster to be able to harm them with just its aura, it meant that it had to be in its mid-forties, if not higher.

"Do you think we should go back and report this to his majesty?" one of the miners said as he gulped looking towards the ravine while clutching his chest.

A few of the miners nodded, but a majority of them had a greedy glint in their eyes. As it is said, men die for money while birds die for food. They wanted to go find whatever ore was inside the ravine, so they could get a cut of that money too.

"Let us check what is in the ravine first, and then let's go back and report to God. It's not like the monster inside knows we are here. It would have come out to kill us already if it did. We just need to take a quick peek, and then we will get out." One of the braver miners said.

A few nodded along with him until a majority of the miners agreed to take a quick peek inside the ravine, before coming back.

"Well you guys can go, I will stay here because I don't think my heart can handle it," said the old man.

"I will stay to take care of Ben, you guys can check the ravine," said David, as he did not want to risk his life for money.

"Alright we will check the ravine, but you guys won't get a cut of what is inside, because you did not go with us," The brave miner said.

David and the old man nodded as they watched the other miners slowly creep towards the ravine.


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