The God System
47 Catastrophe in the Mine 2
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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47 Catastrophe in the Mine 2

The miners slowly crept towards the fissure as the grasp on their heart got greater with each step. It was not unbearable, but the thought that someone had the power to end your life with a thought caused all of them to sweat in fear, but sadly their greed was greater than their fear.

The eventually arrived at the edge of the ravine with David and the old man watching from behind in suspense. As they arrived at the edge of the ravine all of the miners slowly looked over the edge.

As they looked down they heart a loud grumble causing them to scream and jump back. The sprinted back towards David and the old man in terror. When the arrived they looked back to notice one of the miners still standing there holding his stomach.

"What is wrong? Why haven't you run away! We need to leave or we will all be eaten!" said one of the miners in a hushed voice.

"I'm sorry I get queasy when I am scared." He said as he clutched his stomach as it again grumbled.

Hearing this all the miner's faces went from terror to anger. "What the f*ck Richard? Why didn't you tell us that it was you! I nearly crapped my pants, and then you would not be the only one who was feeling queasy!" said one of the miners as he went and smacked Richard in the head.

The rest of the miners also gave out some grumbles as they again went to the fissure. This time they were less scared because they had already done it before and went to look inside the ravine.

They peered over the edge and saw the ravine reach into the darkness until they could no longer see. The bottom of the ravine was unable to be seen even with the light, so one of the miners decided to throw down a light.

"Are you stupid!!" shrieked the other miners. There was a deadly monster down there and he just threw something inside.

The miners face paled as the realization hit him and they all looked down the ravine with while faces. The light bounces off the walls as it made its descent into darkness. They followed the light with their eyes in fear of what might happen.

However, their fears were unneeded because the light safely made it to the bottom of the ravine without attracting any monsters.

The miners let out a collective sigh of relief as they glared at the miner who threw the light down. The looked inside the ravine and saw that the walls did indeed have more black iron on them. Although this place seemed deadly it had a lot of resources they could mine.

"Did anyone see any other ore besides black iron when the light was falling down?" the brave miner asked as he looked at the miners beside him.

"Yeah I think I saw some Dark sapphire I think," a miner said as he was trying to remember. Their attention was mostly focused on the light, so not many people paid attention to the walls.

"That is good! This ravine is practically a gold mine, in the literal sense that is." said the brave miner. Dark Sapphire is not an ore that can be used for weapons, but the rich liked to use them to make jewelry out of.

"Wait look at that!" one of the miners shouted as he pointed to the bottom of the ravine. Following his finger, the other miners noticed that the light illuminated a sword that was impaled into the floor at the bottom of the ravine.

It was a Japanese style katana, that was pitch black. Surrounding the sword was what seemed like waves of black water. It rippled around the sword contaminating the area around it causing it to also become pitch black.

The miners gulped as they saw this katana greed filling their eyes. They could tell from all the way on top of the ravine that this katana was a very well made one, and would be worth a lot of money.

The light slowly began to fizzle out as the miner's sight of the katana disappeared. The looked at each other before one of them said: "I think we should go down and get that katana".

Another miner nodded as he said, "Yeah, I don't think there is a monster down there, I think that the sword is just releasing an aura in order to scare away any people trying to take it."

A few of the miners back out as they said "I don't think it is safe we will wait up here. You guys can go without us".

The brave miner gave them a condescending look as he rallied up the other miners. They went and got a 250-foot rope. They tied it up to the top of the ravine before they prepared to make their descent.


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