The God System
48 Catastrophe in the Mine 3
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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48 Catastrophe in the Mine 3

The miners one by one started climbing down the rope to descend into the ravine. Although only one person was needed to grab a katana, they decided not to share the rewards with anyone that did not descend along with them.

The miners had to gather up their courage as they slowly climbed their way down the ravine. The deeper they got the more they felt the presence of the sword leaking into the surroundings.

It felt as if a ghost was currently gripping at their throats making it hard for them to breath. All of them began to shiver the lower they got, but they still pushed through in order to get to the katana.

After the long and strenuous climb, the miners finally arrived at the bottom of the ravine. They were shivering due to the aura the katana was leaking. The waves of black essence that poured off of the sword practically foretold of the chaos that would ensue after you grasped it.

"This seems to be some kind of legendary sword?" one of the miners said in awe as he was looking at the katana.

"Yeah, it must be. Just being near it makes me shiver from fear. I can't imagine what it would be like if the owner was wielding it." the brave miner said as he shivered. Although he normally put up a brave front, he too was scared after climbing down the ravine. The sword was just too eerie.

The miners did not move closer to the sword due to fear and just stood at the bottom of the ravine watching it from a distance.

As they were watching they jumped due to a shout from above "Are you guys okay? Nothing bad happened to you right?". The miners clutched their chests due to the heart attack the unexpected shout gave them.

The brave miner looked up as he shouted back "Yeah, we are at the bottom. We just need to grab the sword, then we will head back up".

"Alright hurry up! This place does not feel right. I think we should leave as soon as possible" shouted the miner from above.

"Roger" The brave miner shouted. He then looked towards the other miners as he said: "Well now someone go grab the sword, so we can head back up as soon as possible."

The miners looked at each other before one stepped up and patted the brave miner on the back and said "Great idea! Now just run over there real quick and grab it. We will be waiting here for you."

The brave miner blanched as he looked at the others. "I don't think just one of us should grab it. Then it wouldn't be fair, as that person deserves more credit than the rest. The reward would be rewarded in majority to him" he said as he shook his hands not wanting to get the katana by himself.

"Oh, that's okay! I think we all agree that you deserve a bigger reward because you are the one that led us all here. Without you we would not have climbed down at all" said the miner as he looked towards the others for encouragement.

"Yeah, you deserve it more than us," said another miner

"Yea, don't feel bad about getting a bigger reward than us. We think you, as the leader deserve it" pitched in another miner.

The others voiced their agreement trapping the brave miner in at the same time.

The brave miner looked at the miners with wide eyes not believing that they were using his previous meritorious deeds to try and make him go and grab that dangerous looking katana. He gulped as he realized that the miners all looked at him in expectation wanting him to go grab the sword.

He cursed under his breath as he yelled "Fine! I will go...By myself...all alone...into danger...without any friends..." he said as he tried to guilt trip the other miners. However, they were firm in their decision and did not budge.

When he realized they had committed to making him go grab the sword he sighed as he slowly began to edge his way to the sword.

He began to push his way through the waves of darkness radiating off the sword. He felt as if the waves were propelling him while drawing him in at the same time. He had never felt anything like it and began to walk in a sort of trace until he finally arrived in front of the sword.

It was stabbed inside a stone pedestal with half of its blade stuck inside. The blade was pitch black with a red line going from the tip of the sword to the hilt on both sides. The hilt was also pitch black, but it had a red grip wrapped around it. The red was the same color as blood looking like it was dyed by the blood of past victims.

The brave miner gulped as he looked at the sword. He was feeling such intense fear right now that he was literally shaking in his boots. He wanted nothing more than to run back to the other miners, but something was compelling him to grab the sword.

His hand slowly reached out towards the sword. He felt like he was watching someone else's body because he could not control his own. Finally, his hand had grasped the sword and he slowly pulled it out of the stone.


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