The God System
49 Catastrophe in the Mine 4
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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49 Catastrophe in the Mine 4

The brave miner grasped the sword and pulled it out of the stone. The sword rang as it exited the stone echoing through the ravine.

The brave miner shuddered as he held the sword in his grasp. His eyes went blank as the sword began to hum. He began to groan as his body shook his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

The miners gasped as they saw this. They knew that he was in trouble, and the sword was what caused it. They gulped as they watched him shake while holding the sword. Although he was shaking his hand never left the sword, his grip was firm as if he was holding on for dear life.

Slowly his shaking began to subside until it eventually stopped. The Ravine became an eerie quiet as not a sound was heard, not even the miner's breaths.

Suddenly the black waves surrounding the sword began to be drawn in getting sucked into the sword. It was collecting all the darkness that had once surrounded it. As the sword collected more and more darkness the brave miner's face began to change.

His once kind and somewhat arrogant smile had changed into one that would scare children. His hair was messy and unkempt and a smile of pure malice was spread across his face.

Slowly light began to fill his eyes as he turned to look towards the other miners. His eyes were full of hatred, not hatred because they made him go grab the sword, but hatred of the living.

A sinister laugh echoed through the ravine causing chills to run down the miner's spines. The one brave miner had turned into a demon who hated all living beings. He slowly cracked his neck as he stared down the miners.

He began to stretch out his bones as they cracked with every movement. The katana in his hand was radiating a pitch black flame that looked like it would devour all life. It was the polar opposite of light that was able to engulf light itself because it was so pure of a black.

As the miners watched this scene they began to scramble away from him in fear. They tumbled over each other as they raced to get to the rope trying to climb up as fast as they could.

The demon miner smiled as he watched them run in terror. He relished the feeling of terror that living beings had. He cackled as he said in a sinister voice "I must thank you for finally awakening me. It has been a long thousand years. In order to thank you, how about I take your life!". he said as he began sprinting towards the miners.

The miners screamed as they climbed up the rope. He hacked off one of the miner's arms as he was climbing up the rope causing him to roar in pain, however, the miner was very tough and he held on for dear life as he began to climb with only one arm.

The demon miner smiled as he began to reap the lives of the other miners who had not yet begun to climb up the rope. They screamed in horror as they scattered trying to run away from him. He laughed in joy loving the thrill of the hunt. He relished in the screams of terror and agony from the miners.

The miners on the rope could only turn deaf ears and blind eyes to what was happening below them because they knew they could do nothing to help. They just climbed up as fast as they could hoping to at least save themselves.

The demon miner quickly finished mopping up the miners on the floor as he looked towards the miners climbing up the rope. He cackled as he jumped up grabbing onto the rope with one hand holding the sword in his other.

He began to swiftly climb up the rope catching up to the miners who had previously begun climbing up the rope. They looked beneath them in terror as their fear began to make them climb with even greater vigor. They knew that if he caught up to them then they would not survive.

The demon miner swiftly caught up to the last person on the rope and jumped up next to him and quickly stabbed the sword through his stomach. He did not want to kill him immediately because then he would not get to enjoy his screams.

The miner looked at the demon miner and said "Why Fernando?" as he slipped from the rope and fell into the ravine. The demon miner had a grotesque look on his face after he killed that miner because he did not scream, and that was what the demon miner wanted.

He turned from the miner and began to pursue the others who were on the rope. The miners were at the top of the ravine and quickly began to throw themselves over the top landing in the caver. They were panting in exhaustion as they made it to the top.

However, they knew they were not safe yet, and heard the demon miner quickly pursuing them. David came running to them when he saw how they looked. "What happened to you guys?" he asked as he helped the miners up.

"CUT THE ROPE!" screamed one of the miners as he was crawling away from the ravine. David did not ask questions when he saw the gashes on the miners and quickly used his pickaxe to cut the rope.

From within the ravine, an eerie cackled sounded out as the rope was cut. It swiftly fell into the ravine as the cackle got farther and farther away until a loud thud resounded and the laughing stopped.

The miners looked at each other before they gulped. "Let's go get his highness. He needs to know that there is a demon down there." the miners nodded as they quickly exited the mine and began to rush to Delphi as fast as possible.


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