The God System
50 Holy Light and Demonic Cloak
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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50 Holy Light and Demonic Cloak

"And that was what had happened in the ravine," David said with terror still on his face. He did not want to ever go back to that place and even had trouble just speaking about it.

Able looked over at Gwen and she shrugged because she also had no idea what happened in the mine. Able allowed David to leave, so they could discuss what to do in private.

Able turned to Gwen after David left and said: "I think that the sword might have some sort of demon inside of it or at least a very evil being is sealed inside".

Gwen nodded as she said "Yes since they seemed to have awoken it from a slumber this may cause a problem to our dominion if it gets out. We need to stop it before it escapes."

"I agree. From what we have gathered it hates all living things, so letting it leave that mine would be a catastrophe" Able said.

"But is it necessary to go destroy it, can't we just seal up the mine, or again put it into a slumber?" Able continued.

"I think it is necessary you go and destroy it because both of those other options are not permanent fixes for the problem. It will just keep on happening if we let it go on like this".

Able nodded as he said, "What do you think is the best way to destroy the katana though?"

"I am not sure, maybe you can look for an ability that would help you? I don't know a lot about demons and sword, I am just a businesswoman" Gwen said as she shrugged her shoulders.

Able gave a wry smile as he opened up the Faith Shop and looked for something that might be useful for him in this upcoming battle.

He scrolled through the numerous abilities, but nothing caught his eye. After an unknown amount of time, he finally found one that he thought would help. It was called [Holy Light], and it allowed the user to produce a, yup you guessed it, Holy light. This Holy light would weaken all demons within a ten-meter radius around him.

The said Demons would lose a percentage of their power based on the number of meters long the radius of the Holy light was, so it was currently able to reduce their power by ten percent. This was also the first ability Able had got that he was able to Level up, as right now it was Level 1.

Its max level was Level 5 allowing it to reduce the demon's power by a whole fifty percent when it is maxed level. Able thought this ability was overpowered, however, the downside was it only worked on demons, not even undead which sucked.

He purchased [Holy Light] which was 100,000 FP causing Able to sigh in sorrow. He had just got back up to 100k FP after he purchased his subordinate. He checked his stats and saw he was now back down to 3204 FP.

The next Level up for [Holy Light] would cost 250,000 FP, allowing him to reduce the power of Demons by twenty percent. As he was about to close the Faith Shop he noticed that there was also a Demon version of this [Holy Light] called [Demonic Cloak] that decreased the power of all Holy beings by the same percentage per level.

He looked at this and wondered if there was also other abilities that worked for all types, if he could purchase them all then he could automatically decrease the fighting strength by anyone he meets in half. He began to search to see if there were other abilities like these two and got disappointing when he could not find any.

He quickly realized that those two were the only abilities that were able to affect an entire race as a whole.

He closed the Faith Shop after purchasing the [Holy Light] and looked towards Gwen as he gave her a thumbs up signaling he had found an ability. She smiled and then excused herself, so she could continue working on the dominions. She was always swamped with work, and this little fiasco had let her work pile up even more so she had to quickly get back to it.

Seeing Gwen so diligent in her job Able smiled as he realized he found the perfect person to oversee his dominions. He knew that he would not do as good of a job as her, as he had never run a company, or anything similar.

This caused Able to begin to reminisce about when he was once the richest person in the world. When he thought about how he made it to the top he realized he couldn't remember how he made his money. He began to think harder on it, but his head started to hurt causing him to stop thinking about it as he clutched his head. Some sort of power forced him to stopped thinking about it while also wiping his memory.

He had forgotten this incident, and now that he had gotten the ability he needed he decided to head out towards the mine as soon as possible. He did not want any more problems to occur so he decided to hurry over directly after he heard what the problem was.


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