The God System
51 Goodbye
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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51 Goodbye

Able decided to go see this demon sword while taking along Enu to see how his new subordinate would hold up, thus he did not wake up Mary who was still sleeping.

He patted her hair and smiled as he whispered "Goodbye", Mary was the one closest to him in the whole world, and was the first other person he had gotten to know. Through this half a year they have gotten really close, and Able has grown to love this charming woman.

He got up and headed out of the God Space, with Enu following him.


Able was currently at the mountain walking towards the mine. Looking around he noticed a lot of changes since he was last here.

There was currently a makeshift road that led from Delphi all the way to the mine. Able assumed Gwen had made this so that the miners would have an easier time transporting the ores they had mined into the city.

Although the road was not very well made it still got the job done. Looking around he noticed that Enu very easily blended into the trees, and if one did not look carefully they would miss him.

Able had tried to talk to Enu, but his responses were blunt, so he quickly realized Enu was not a talker. That kind of made sense, as trees are normally not good at communication.

They shortly arrived at the mine which was currently blocked off by some wood. The miners did as best they could in the short amount of time they had to seal off the entrance to the mine, to hopefully stall the demon sword. Although it would not last long they thought that it was worth a try.

Able quickly slashed through the logs cutting them in half as they fell to the sides. He turned to Enu as he said: "Let's go".

Enu nodded as he said "My strength will be lowered in the mine. There are no trees."

Able nodded as he said "Well I just want to see how you fight, there won't always be trees in the places where we fight. Like the dungeon, for example, there are no trees in there."

Enu grunted in agreement as he followed Able into the mine.

They were both walking through the tunnels wary of their surroundings. They did not want to be surprised by a sudden attack, so they were on constant alert.

The tunnels were deathly quiet with no sound except their breathing, and Enu's footsteps. Walking deeper into the mine Able noticed how it progressively got darker and darker. This seemed like it was not a normal darkness, but like a curtain that was spread in front of them.

Enu was holding a light trying to increase their field of vision, but this help seemed minimal.

Walking through the tunnels Able was getting the constant feeling that someone was watching him, but all he could see was black outside their small halo of light from the torch. He would look around constantly whenever he felt the eyes watching him, but he still could not see.

Able picked up a rock from the floor as they made their way deeper into the mine. This time when he felt the eyes on his back he instantly threw the rock in the direction he felt the eyes. The rock flashed through the air and made a tearing sound before it crashed against a wall.

A scream that sounded like a banshee sounded out at the same time and Able sprinted over to see what it was. Enu quickly followed him with the light, and when the light shined upon the noise Able saw a shadow writhing around on the ground clutching its face.

Able quickly slashed off the shadows head, and it dissipated into nothingness. Able frowned at this and looked around trying to notice if any other shadows were watching him, but he felt them quickly averting their eyes and running away.

He smirked at this and he led Enu deeper into mine looking for the ravine where the demon sword was last seen.

No further incidents occurred in the mine and they eventually made it to the recent opening in the wall the miners made. Peering inside Able saw countless shadows walking around inside the cavern.

There were two different kinds of shadows he could see one was like the previous one he killed that was tall and thin, and the other was one with a wider girth and looked stronger. He estimated that the bigger shadows we're around Level 10 and the small ones are Level 1 to 5.

He knew he was going to have to fight his way through the shadows in order to get to the bottom of the ravine. He was just hoping that they would not attack them while they were climbing down the ravine.

He was planning to have Enu grow some vines along the side of the ravine that they could use to climb down, but if the shadows were attacking them it would make it much harder.

Able looked toward Enu as he signaled with his eyes. Enu nodded and they both jumped into the cavern and started killing the shadows.


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