The God System
52 Giant Shadow
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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52 Giant Shadow

"Rotational Slash!" A young man shouted as he began swiftly spinning in a circle constantly killing shadows that had gotten near him. A giant tree was near him also smashing shadows that got near him as they progressively made their way deeper into the cavern they were currently in.

These two, of course, were Able and Enu and they were currently both besieged by shadows, who were trying to prevent them from getting deeper into the caver. Sadly for the shadows, they stood no chance and were easily dealt with by them both.

Able smirked as he again slashed through a shadow with ease. As his sword came out of the other side of the shadow tearing it in half he heard a deafening screech from inside the cavern. This caused both of him and Enu to pinpoint their sight on top of one of the huge zombies who began trudging over to them.

This was what had screeched earlier, which was one of the things that confused Able because none of the shadows had mouths, but they were still able to make noise. The Giant Shadow began sprinting towards Able as it pushed aside the other smaller shadows sometimes squishing them in the process.

Able readied his sword as he looked at the Giant Shadow running towards him. As they neared each other Able flashed towards the Giant Shadow as he roared "Incendiary Slash!".

His sword began to produce red flames as his sword was slashing up at the Giant Shadow. The Giant Shadow screeched as is tilted to the side dodging the sword and punched Able in the gut.

Able gasped as the wind was knocked out of him. He was not expecting this Giant Shadow to know how to fight, because the normal shadows were so easy to kill. His negligence had cost him a blow, and he was lucky the blow wasn't fatal.

Able checked his stomach and saw that in the spot where the Giant Shadow had hit him his clothes were disintegrated and his abdomen had started to become black, just like the miners. He did not know what this black stuff did, but he quickly drank a Full Heal, which would remove all poisons from the body.

Although this may have been a bit hasty, because Able did not know if it was a poison or not, he didn't want to take any chances. The black on his stomach quickly began to fade after he drank the Full Heal, and he began to fight the Giant Shadow again, this time with more caution.

At the same time, Enu also got into a fight with a Giant Shadow, but it was different for him because he fought with his fists, because there were no plants here for him to use. Enu used [Leech Seed] on the Giant Shadow, which to Able's surprise was constantly curing Enu of the black poison every time it would take some of the Giant Shadow's life.

They were just man fighting each other as the two took turns punching the other in the face. If Able was not in the middle of a fight himself he would not have minded watching this scene for a few hours.

Able fought the Giant Shadow wary of the poison, as he kept his distance. He did not want to waste anymore Full Heal's, because if he was able to prevent any wasted FP then he would try and do it.

The Giant Shadow shrieked as it tried to smash Able with its fist, but Able saw this coming and quickly used [Incendiary Slash] as he slashed off its arm.

Now that Able was warry of the Gaint Shadow, it stood no chance against him and was quickly defeated. Although he could not kill it in one his like the normal shadows, they were still just small fries.

Enu also quickly finished up his fight as they progressed towards the ravine. As if the shadows knew they would die all of them quickly gathered and receded back into the ravine. It was like a giant black wave that had gone down into the ravine leaving the cavern empty.

Able did not try and stop them and watched as all of them quickly went into the ravine in a massive group seeking shelter from Able and Enu's massacre. Seeing as how they all acted as one entity Able guessed that they were being directly controlled by the Demon Sword.

He sighed because he did not want these small fries to interrupt his fight with the Demon Sword, as they would just irk him the whole time.

He waved at Enu and they walked up towards the ravine as Able light a torch and threw it down. It illuminated the ravine all the way down until it hit the floor where it showed shadows desperately trying to hide from the light.

Able told Enu to start making the vines, and he nodded as he pulled out some seeds an placed them on the floor. The seeds quickly grew into thick greens vines that began to crawl down the cavern walls.


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