The God System
53 Into the Ravine
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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53 Into the Ravine

The vines eventually reached the bottom of the ravine after two minutes. Able grabbed one and pulled to see if it was sturdy, and was not able to pull it off of the wall. He nodded in satisfaction as he signaled Enu and began to climb down.

Enu followed right after his as they both slowly went deeper into the ravine. It began to get darker and darker the deeper they went as if pitch black was not the darkest that was available. It was so dark that the black felt like it was taking a material form.

They quickly made it to the bottom of the ravine and were immediately surrounded by shadows. There was much more Giant Shadow's down in the ravine than there were up top. There was at least one of them for every five normal shadows.

Able looked around for the Demon Sword, as the shadows had not attacked yet, and finally found it in the grasp of a dead miner. The miner's body was almost unrecognizable because of the fall it took, the whole lower half of his body was turned into a meat patty.

Able frowned at the sight and slowly began walking towards the Demon Sword. At this time the shadows roared and began to attack again.

He was confused at why they did not attack before but shrugged it off as he began exorcizing them.

Enu and Able began fighting back to back as they progressively made their way towards the Demon Sword eliminating all shadows that came into contact with them.

Able was using his sword as he chopped them to pieces while Enu was using his fists to smash them to bits.

The shadows were unable to do anything to the duo, and they both made their way to the Demon Sword with relative ease.

They fought off all the shadows, and within a ten-meter radius around the Demon Sword was like a demilitarized zone where no shadows would dare enter.

Able entered with Enu and looked towards the Demon Sword. He smirked as he saw it sitting there not able to do anything and swung his sword down at it hoping to break it. "Incendiary Slash!"

Able's sword fell like a meteor at the Demon Sword clashing into it causing reverberations to go throughout the ravine.

Able smiled at this and looked towards the shadows with a smirk as if taunting them. His smile soon faltered when he heard a *crack* *crack*.

He looked down and saw his sword was beginning to break as from the tip to the hilt cracks formed through it before it shattered to pieces.

Able's eyes widened at this because his sword was made of very strong metal, and would not be broken by just any collision which led him to the assumption that the Demon Sword was made of a very precious metal.

'This sword looks like it will replace my broken one quite well' Able thought as he looked at the Demon Sword in the dead miner's grasp.

He reached towards the Demon Sword wanting to keep this sword for himself. The shadows surrounding him had smiles plastered on their faces as they laughed seeing as how their plan had worked.

Able, however, was oblivious to this, and grabbed the Demon Sword not knowing any better.

One he fully grabbed the Demon Sword his eyes went blank and he stood there holding the Demon Sword without moving.

The shadows screeched at this as if laughing and they began to swarm Enu trying to kill him. Enu saw this, and quickly pulled out some seeds from his arm and threw them on the ground. The seeds quickly grew into a dome shape around him and Able protecting them from the shadows attacks.

The shadows began to attack the plant shield trying to rip it apart to get at Enu who was inside. They did not want to kill Able because he was the new host for the Demon Sword, but Enu was just an enemy, so they wanted to eliminate him.

The shadows were not making progress and were fully covering the plant shield, before a couple of Giant Shadows began to trudge forward throwing the small ones out of the way.

Five Giant Shadows surrounded the plant shield as they began to attack it in turn. The plant began to shake as it was cracking from the pressure the Giant Shadows provided.

Enu again pulled out some seeds from his arm and threw them. They quickly grew into giant sunflowers that covered the plant shield emitting a very bright light. Able's [Holy Light] was still active, but the shadows were not demons, so it did not weaken them.

His [Holy Light] was being covered by the plant shield not allowing any light to exit from inside, so Enu made the sunflowers who plastered themselves on the outside emit light to scare away the shadows.

It worked wonders and the shadows quickly retreated as they screeched trampling over each other to get out of the light.

Enu had now provided Able with protection for whatever was happening to him right now. All he had to do was escape the Demonic possession, and then they could leave.


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