The God System
54 Bleak World 1
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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54 Bleak World 1

Able's mind went into chaos as he grabbed the Demon Sword causing him to get a massive headache. He wanted to clutch his head in pain, but he was unable to move and could only suffer in silence.

He thought that since he had [Holy Light] activated the Demon Sword would be unable to possess him like it did the miner, Able was also much stronger than the miner, so he was full of confidence.

Sadly he was wrong, but [Holy Light] did indeed save him, because without it his soul would have been wiped out without even a struggle.

He struggled through the pain until it was eventually too much, and he blacked out no longer able to endure. The pleasure of release flashed across his eyes as the pain began to recede his mind falling into darkness.

After an unknown amount of time Able opened his eyes to see a new world spread out before him. This world was all black and white with monotonous colors seeming very dull and boring as if lacking the life of a world.

Able was not stupid and knew this had something to do with the Demon Sword, he just did not know where he was sent.

He looked around and saw a massive wasteland of a desert, with only one giant mountain off in the distance. Seeing as how the mountain was the only defining feature of where he was he decided to head to the mountain to see what was going on.

He began trudging through the desert sands as he headed towards the mountain. As he was walking he noticed that it did not feel hot, as it usually would inside of a desert. He looked up and saw that there was no sun, the sky was just an eternal gray that somehow illuminated the world.

He frowned at this and kept walking as he had no idea what it meant. He started to make assumptions that he was not even on the same world as he was before.

The desert went on for what seemed like an eternity as he made his way towards the mountain. The mountain was very tall and looked as if it was ruling over this entire realm, as the only thing that had any substance in this bleak world.

As he was walking through the desert he noticed that it was filled with countless corpses depicting tales of the massacre that had occurred here once before.

Able shivered at the thought of what had happened here before because it did not seem like it was a war it looked as if it was a slaughter.

Countless corpses were piled inside ditches he passed, some still stuck in the positions of their death weeping for their family.

The eeriest thing was that the corpses had not begun to decay, and looked as if they were to be left eternally mourning for their loved ones. They were stuck in the positions of their death frozen for eternity only able to lament over their pitiful deaths.

He saw a family of corpses kneeling beneath an altar with their heads bowed as a mother and father wept over the dead body of their child. Able felt anger at this "Why would they not even let the children go?!" he said as a frown began to form on his face.

All the people were stuck in positions like mannequins providing Able with a tale of their deaths. They left this world filled with regrets angry at the people who had forsaken them. Some of them had terror on their face while others looked stoic denying the Demon the pleasure of their pain.

He walked through the desert as he watched the countless families who died in regret. The deeper he walked into the desert the angrier he became. His heart ached for the innocents who had been killed by this demon.

He steeled his heart to this as he began walking towards the mountain. He decided that he was going to avenge these innocents by killing whatever had slaughtered them. Their souls looked to be forcefully stolen out of their body in order to perform some devilish technique.

At his waist was the sword that previously broke, but was now in perfect shape. He did not realize before, but now he figured that this space was inside the Demon Sword, and he was currently having his soul slowly stolen like these innocents.

If he did not vanquish the demon, then he would be just like them, a body with no soul an eternal servant for the Demon Sword.

He looked into his body to check his sword and saw that he had about a month before his soul was completely stolen. "That is enough time!" Able said as he looked towards the mountain with a glint in his eye.


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