The God System
55 Bleak World 2
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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55 Bleak World 2

Able arrived at the foot of the mountain after some time. He began trailing the foot of the mountain walking around it to see what the best way to climb was, or if there was a trail somewhere.

After circling a quarter of the mountain Able found a giant staircase leading to the top of the mountain. The stairs were old and cracked with pieces missing looking as though they had not passed through the essence of time very well.

At the foot of the mountain was a giant gateway that you had to pass in order to begin walking up the staircase. It was pitch black and had runic symbols all over it that Able had no idea what they meant.

There were two stone statues with demon-like features standing on either side of the gate with devilish expressions on their face. Able frowned at this, but still decided to try and climb the stairs.

He walked up to the gateway after inspecting it for a bit and went to push it open, only to find out he was unable to move it even the tiniest bit. He frowned at this as pushed harder until he realized that he was not strong enough.

He stopped as he began thinking of how to get passed. He already tried walking around it, but there seemed to be some type of barrier blocking the entire mountain with this gate seemingly being the only way up.

Seeing as how the gate was not opening Able decided that the only way to get past was to break the gate open. He pulled out his sword and stepped back a bit before attacking the gate with his full strength.

A loud thud resounded, but the gate ended up without even a scratch on it. Able was stunned because even with his strongest attack the gate was still in perfect shape.

As he was looking at the gate he heard some cracking and creaking. He sighed in relief thinking his attack had finally worked and walked up to the gate to see if it would open now.

As he went to push the gate he heard a *whoosh* and felt a sense of danger and jumped back immediately.


Right where he was standing before a stone halberd was resting in a small crater on the floor. If he had stayed there any longer he would have been killed by this sneak attack.

Able looked to see the two stone demon statues begin to step down from the pedestals they were standing on. They began to stretch as they looked towards Able with smirks on their faces.

"Hey RockHead it's been a while since a challenger has come here huh?" one of the stone statues said to the other as he rolled he neck causing cracking noises to sound out.

"Yeah, this one looks weak though BlockHead. We will not get to be awake for long it seems." The other sighed as he lifted up his halberd that was on the floor.

"Well, we can at least have a little fun while we are awake RockHead. Let's take out time, we have not been out for ages!" BlockHead giggled.

"Yeah, it had at least been a couple thousand years since the last challenger was here BlockHead! That guy was fun to play with!" RockHead reminisced about the past.

Able watched this with anger on his face. They were ignoring him while they were calling him weak at the same time!

"HEY! Two idiots! I am still standing here you know!" Able yelled at them.

"Oh yeah, we nearly forgot about this weakling huh RockHead," said BlockHead while looking down at Able.

"Hey can you wait a bit, we are trying to catch up with each other! We haven't talked to each other in a couple thousand years! Have a little decency would ya?" Said RockHead with an annoyed tone while frowning at Able.

"Alright, I will let you two catch up, just tell me how to get past this gate!" Able said as he shook his head feeling that he had lost a few brain cells just talking to these two.

"Oh, it's easy! All you need to do in order for the gate to open is to defeat us in battle, huh RockHead?" BlockHead said as he looked at RockHead.

RockHead nodded and said "Yup you just have to defeat us, but only five other people have defeated us in battle before, huh BlockHead"

"Yup those guys sure were strong! It is a pity that we always have to decrease our Level to the same as the challenger's though, or else we would have not been defeated, huh RockHead?"

"Yup, Yup, we would never have been defeated," RockHead said as he nodded.

Able sighed as he said "Well can we start fighting now? I am kind of in a hurry here!"

"You are so rude, us two brothers just haven't seen each other in a while, so we wanted to catch up, but since you are so eager to be defeated I guess we can start, huh RockHead?"

"Yup! Let's start, then we can catch up after the fight." BlockHead said.


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