The God System
56 Bleak World 3
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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56 Bleak World 3

"Alright, BlockHead then lets end this fast" Rockhead said as he wielded his halberd.

"With such a weak opponent it would shame us if we didn't end it fast BlockHead," Rockhead said as he also got into fighting position.

Even though they kept saying Able was a weak opponent they did not look like they were going to go easy on him or let their guard down.

Both the statues held their halberds in their hands and looked down at Able. They were about two times his size standing at around twelve feet tall.

Now that they were finally going to start fighting Able smiled as he also got into a fighting stance.

The two statues circled him wanting to attack from two sides, in order to defeat him easier. Seeing this Able knew why most of the combatants would lose when facing them because it would be two equally strong opponents against one.

Able did not let them surround him and quickly backed up as he went to attack RockHead who was on his right.

His sword trailed behind him as his body was lowered to the ground sprinting at full speed towards RockHead.

RockHead slashed downwards with his halberd wanting to block Able's charge, but Able dexterously jumped and used the halberd as a foothold to jump higher as he slashed down at RockHead's face.

At this time BlockHead had also arrived at the fight following Able and slashed with his halberd trying to hit Able out from midair. He made sure to position his hit, so if he missed he would still not hit RockHead, and just graze past his head.

Able was unable to dodge as he was in midair, so he used his sword to block the hit and was sent flying due to the impact. He twirled and landed on his feet and again charged at the two statues now that he had regained his footing.

Able decided this time to go for their legs because their heads were so much higher, and being in midair was a bad idea with their long reach. He dodged their halberds as they came crashing down from above, and slashed towards BlockHead's ankle.

His sword made a cut on his Achilles heel, which was what Able wanted in order to slow him down. However, RockHead seemed to not even be fazed by this and was still moving perfectly fine as he used the same foot that was cut in order to kick Able.

Able was kicked right into the waiting BlockHead, who used the butt of his halberd to hit Able, as he was not in a position to use the sharp end. These two had been working in tandem for millennia, so their teamwork was impeccable causing Able to be at the losing end of the fight.

Sword and halberd clashed as the fight went on each opponent trying to get the better of the other. Able, and the stone statues fought, as they maneuver around the clearing at the base of the mountain.

Loud booms echoed through the desolate world whenever one of the stone statues would miss Able, and hit the floor instead, creating mini craters all over the arena.

A halberd slashed passed Able's stomach as he barely managed to dodge, leaning backward in order to move out of the way. As he was leaning back another halberd came swinging towards his back causing Able to deftly twist from his position as he rolled out of the way popping back up to his feet as soon as possible.

Able was panting in exhaustion as he looked towards the stone statues who were preparing for another attack. They did not seem winded in the slightest and Able could quickly tell that they exerted no physical effort in order to fight Able.

He realized that he must end this fight fast because they would win in the long run. So far all he has been able to do after his first attack on RockHead's ankles was run away and dodge their ferocious attacks.

He thought that the stone statues, after not moving for countless years would be gritty, and clunky not able to move fluidly, but he was wrong and they were very capable of putting up a fight.

Able looked up as he gritted his teeth in determination, he was going to get up this mountain, and he was going to vanquish the demon that dwelled there. If not for saving his life, then for letting those that died in sorrow lamenting over their unjustified deaths rest in peace after the demon that slaughtered them has died.

Able gripped his sword as he looked towards the two stone statues and charged at them, this time with a renewed vigor, and a burning passion in his heart. With a fire in his heart and a gleam in his eye Able continued to fight.


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